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Seco’s EPB 5600 Shrinkfit range now available with Safe-Lock™ system
Seco’s EPB 5600 Shrinkfit range now available with Safe-Lock™ system

Seco’s EPB 5600 Shrinkfit range now available with Safe-Lock™ system

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 11 November 2013

Seco Tools (UK) Ltd, a leading supplier of complete machining solutions to the metal-cutting industry, has expanded its range of EPB 5600 Shrinkfit holders to allow them to be supplied with the Safe-Lock™ system.

The Safe-Lock™ system prevents cutting tools (i.e. round shank tools) from being ‘pulled out’ of chucks – a particular problem that manufacturers can experience when rough milling difficult-to-machine materials (e.g. special alloys and titanium etc.), and where achieving high volumetric removal rates are the order of the day.

The Safe-Lock™ system on Seco’s EPB 5600 Shrinkfit holders eliminates tool ejection and, as a consequence, delivers a more reliable machining process.

Furthermore, the inherent security of the Safe-Lock™ system means that cutting data can be increased (depths of cut, speeds and feeds) – helping to improve productivity, tool life is improved, and the potential hazard of scrapped work-pieces caused by micro-creeping is avoided.

Compared to other DIN-type Shrinkfit holders available the EPB 5600 solution produces higher clamping forces (33% more than that of an equivalent-type DIN holder), increased rigidity and the same run-out accuracy - 3μm at 3 x D.

The Safe-Lock™ system features drive pins in the Shrinkfit tool holder bores. These pins, when combined with spiral-shaped grooves in the cylindrical cutting tool shank, prevent the tool from being ‘pulled out’ from the chuck during extreme machining conditions.

To achieve the best possible performance when machining titanium alloys, Seco recommends pairing the EPB 5600 with its Jabro® HPM JHP770 solid carbide end mills with optimised edge protection.

All standard Jabro products are now available with the Safe-Lock™ option.

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