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Blum Presents one of the worlds smallest Probes
Blum Presents one of the worlds smallest Probes

Blum Presents one of the worlds smallest Probes

Added to MTDCNC by Blum-Novotest on 01 July 2015

Blum-Novotest is delighted to present its impressive Z-Pico probe, an extremely compact tool length setting and breakage control system for machine tools.


Completing the Blum series of probe systems for machine tools the tiny Z-Pico can carry out machine compensation of the smallest tools in one machine axis. With a total height of only 55mm and a total width of just 28mm2 the Z-Pico is one of the smallest tool setters on the market. Uwe Fischer, Sales Manager at Blum-Novotest explains: ‘’The Z-Pico is the ‘little brother’ of the well-established Z-Nano tool setter. The new probe is the ideal solution for machines in micromachining applications that often have small machining areas and are able to execute only short traverse paths in each axis. That is why users in areas such as the watch and electronic manufacturing industries will profit from the compact size of the probe. It is ideal for monitoring the smallest of tools like gravers, micro drills and small cutters.’’


The linear working principle of the Z-Pico provides a minimum and torque-free measuring force. This makes the system suitably sensitive to measure the smallest diameters or very long tools. The Z-Pico is able to measure tools down to a diameter of 0.05mm depending on the geometry and the material of the tool. As with all other Blum probes the trigger signal is not generated via mechanical contact but opto-electronically by shading of a miniature light barrier inside the probe. This guarantees an absolutely wear-free probe with constant reliability under the roughest working conditions.


The Z-Pico can be mounted in a vertical as well as in a horizontal direction. Practical proven and optimized measuring cycles for all common control types are included in the delivery program. The switching status is indicated by an LED, which allows easy control of operation. Blum is offering a number of accessories for the system including the integrated blow-off system to clean the tool as well as the measuring surface or an additional mechanical chip protection for the horizontal installation, for example.


The Z-Pico offers users the fastest available tool breakage control and measurement of the tool length, rapid ROI (low investment), reduced scrap rate and improved productivity and quality. The new probe is perfectly suited for the retrofitting on machining centres and enables an unmanned operation to enhance production capabilities.


‘’The accuracy of today’s machine tools is heavily influenced by temperature variation. The temperature differences within the machine caused by spindle motors, axis motion, workpiece machining and sunlight cause errors that significantly exceed the workpiece tolerances. The Z-Pico provides constant high machine accuracy with its automatic correction of the drifted axis. The probe is also available in size as a cable-free version ‘’Z-Nano IR” with infrared data transmission’’, adds Uwe Fischer.



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