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Improve tool life using the Softsynchro line of tapping heads from Emuge

Improve tool life using the Softsynchro line of tapping heads from Emuge

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 26 June 2014

To improve tool life and performance when conducting tapping operations on machining centres, Emuge Franken has now developed its new Type Softsynchro line of tapping heads. The new tapping chuck is ideal for taps with internal coolant or MQL supply and can connect with ER (GB) type collets.

Suitable for application on machines with a synchronous spindle, the tool is pitch-controlled by the synchronous spindle. This ensures that arising axial forces caused by synchronisation faults are minimized by a patent-protected minimum length compensation on tension and on compression. Furthermore, this minimum length compensation on tension and compression eliminates small pitch differences between the synchronised spindle and the tap, which often results in increased friction on the thread flanks. This innovation eliminates miss-cutting of the threads and optimises the tool life of the taps.

The coolant is conveyed accurately through the centre of the chuck to the coolant duct of the respective tap by way of a spring loaded coolant tube. This allows for environmentally friendly lubrication to be applied whilst maximising productivity levels. By delivering the coolant direct to the cutting area, swarf ingress is rapidly discharged to further improve cutting performance.

With a compact design and a short projecting length, the Type Softsynchro is suitable for taps in the M6 to M20 range and can cater for standard tap holder sizes of 01 and 03.

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