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30% smaller chuck diameter with SPANNTOP Mini chuck
30% smaller chuck diameter with SPANNTOP Mini chuck

30% smaller chuck diameter with SPANNTOP Mini chuck

Added to MTDCNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 27 October 2015

For manufacturers with limited space in the work envelope of their machine tool, Hainbuch has the solution with its impressive new 'mini' series. The introduction of the new Spanntop mini stands out from alternate systems, demonstrating a mass reduction of 38 %, a 30% length reduction and even a 30% smaller chuck diameter. 

For customers conscious of their environmental impact, the Spanntop mini will significantly reduce energy consumption. However, manufacturers with a small work envelope or work area that may have operator and tooling access issues, the Spanntop mini is the device of choice.

Thanks to the reduced interference contour, the Spanntop mini also makes it easier to choose a suitable tool for the operation at hand without any concern over possible collisions. The Spanntop makes the clamping process shorter, more stable and robust on main and sub spindle configured machine tools. Naturally the small Spanntop variant offers the same concentricity and low-wear characteristics and high rigidity as its big brother.

In essence, the Spanntop mini will significantly reduce the interference contour, improve tool accessibility, reduce mass on the machine spindle bearings and also reduce the energy requirements. Available in six different sizes that include 32, 42, 52, 65, 80 and 100mm bar size, the Spanntop mini will reduce cycle times and also reduce component production costs.
The Spanntop consists of a vulcanized clamping head with hardened steel segments that prolong service life, a variable spindle flange length and a through-bore for bar work after disassembling the base stop. The unit also has a fixed base end-stop with central mounting thread for workpiece specific end-stops, a mounting thread for easy drawtube connection to most machines and an easy end-stop removal with external screw. 

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