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Phase 3 CNC Ltd are sole UK Quality & Service Partners to Der Spindel Doctor.

Phase 3 CNC Ltd are sole UK Quality & Service Partners to Der Spindel Doctor.

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 17 July 2015

Phase 3 CNC prides itself in its ability to deliver machine tool maintenance and service levels that exceed that of its competitors. It is this desire to excel that has led the Lydney company to working with Der Spindel Doctor. 

By working with renowned machine tool spindle experts Der Spindel Doctor, Phase 3 CNC can offer critical analysis and condition monitoring to ensure the end users spindle is always in tip-top condition. The company has a wide variety of encoders, rotary joints and collet clamping sets always held in stock to ensure a rapid turnaround, whatever your spindle issue.

A complete repair or replacement service is available on all spindles. Phase 3 CNC offers lightening fast turn-around times on spindle repairs and all of its spindles are supplied with a minimum 12 month warranty. In order to further minimise downtime, Phase 3 CNC also offers a spindle exchange service on selected spindles. 

For complete peace of mind, Phase 3 CNC offers a comprehensive removal and refitting service.  Following refitting of the refurbished spindle on 5-axis machines, the kinematics are precisely measured and reset. This ensures a fast and efficient return to full production for the end user. To complete the service, Phase 3 CNC also ensures the spindle probe and tool measuring lasers are correctly re-calibrated.

Added to this, Phase 3 CNC can increase the working life of the respective spindle by up to 20%.  Using the latest software and super-precision hardware, Phase 3 CNC now offers on-site vibration analysis and dynamic balancing. So, ,if you want to reduce your downtime and improve your spindle service life, give Phase 3 CNC a call...

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