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Sucking The Most Out Of Workholding With Thame Vacuum Clamping
Sucking The Most Out Of Workholding With Thame Vacuum Clamping

Sucking The Most Out Of Workholding With Thame Vacuum Clamping

Added to MTDCNC by Thame Workholding on 05 February 2016

As one of the UK's leading providers of standard and special workholding solutions, Thame Workholding has built up a wealth of experience supplying vacuum workholding to all manner of industrial manufacturing sectors. Vacuum workholding is a highly effective technique for holding thin or irregular shaped or non magnetic parts. 

Ideally suited to the gripping of large surface areas as the holding force is large, there are also techniques for holding small parts. Vacuum workholding can be applied in Milling, Turning, Grinding and drilling applications. So, how does it work?

On all surfaces of an object there is an even pressure due to the surrounding atmosphere of approximately 1 bar (10.9kg per square metre or 14.5 pounds per square inch). Using a vacuum pump, the air underneath the component is sucked away, so the pressure load on the surface is partly removed; the clamping or holding force results from the difference in pressure between the upper and lower component surfaces. The amount of one-sided pressure is dependent on the amount of under pressure or vacuum generated. Modern vacuum pumps reach a vacuum of approximately 990mbar. Using this theoretical example the pressure remaining on the lower surface is approximately 20mbar.

So, what is the actual holding force that can be achieved? Well, the clamping force on a component is proportional to the surface area. Therefore a component size of 20cm x 40cm with a vacuum of 0.8 Bar can be calculated as a clamping force of: (1 Bar = 100kN/m² or 14.5lbs/in²). This is achieved by the clamping force in kN/m² is 0.20m x 0.40m x 0.8bar x 100kN/m² = 6.4kN. This is an exceptional clamping force that is ideal for robustly holding all types and sizes of parts. 

Thame can supply vacuum workholding for the horizontal and vertical milling machines, machining centres with or without pallets, turning machines whether they are manual or CNC, grinding machines, engraving, measuring and special purpose machines. 

For the end user the benefit is clamping with no distortion or clamping marks, very fast clamp and un-clamp cycle time, machining without vibration and a machining area free of clamps for possible multi-surface working. For your demonstration of what vacuum clamping can do for your business, call the experts at Thame Workholding.

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