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The Best Milling Chucks On The Market....Or your Money Back!

The Best Milling Chucks On The Market....Or your Money Back!

Added to MTDCNC by ITC LTD on 11 December 2016
The quality of the BIG KAISER toolholding product range is beyond compare. In fact, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has such confidence in the BIG KAISER brand, the Tamworth cutting tool manufacturer is offering a 'money back' offer with its latest BIG KAISER promotional deal. 

Running through to the end of March 2017, ITC is now running a promo on the BIG KAISER Hi-Power milling chuck where ITC guarantees the Hi-Power chuck will improve your machining performance or give you your money back. 

This 'money back' guarantee is currently available on the popular BBT40 and DV40 milling chucks. As part of the package price, ITC is supplying the BIG KAISER Hi-Power chuck, a corresponding collet and a wrench. The promotion is aimed at highlighting the difference that high quality toolholding can make to your machining performance. 

It is well documented that a robust precision toolholding system can offer a multitude of benefits. By taking up the BIG KAISER offer, you can witness improved tool concentricity and run-out, which will lead to improved tool life and reduced vibration and spindle wear. Furthermore, the BIG KAISER Hi-Power chuck will allow you to run your tools at higher feeds and speeds with greater confidence. The result will be improved productivity, surface finishes and much more. To take advantage of this offer, call ITC on Tel: 01827 304500.


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