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Guhring has developed the new TM line of tool dispensing systems
Guhring has developed the new TM line of tool dispensing systems
Guhring has developed the new TM line of tool dispensing systems

Guhring has developed the new TM line of tool dispensing systems

Added to MTDCNC by Guhring Ltd on 26 July 2014

Guhring has now developed its new TM line of tool dispensing systems that are electronically controlled, modular, expandable system with remarkable functionality provided via Guhring's Tool Management Software (GTMS).

With models including the TM326, TM426 and TM526, Guhring's TM326 & TM526 incorporate electronically locked drawers that enable the customer to fully control tool removal whilst its flexibility enables the drawers to be adjusted in height and styles for individual customer requirements.

The new storage systems are an electronically lockable tool administration system manufactured from a sturdy sheet steel construction that has fully extending drawers that can support a loading capacity of up to 200kg per drawer. With Guhring's TM software operated via a user friendly touch-screen and bar code reader interface, the system can be linked to external WWS/ERP systems and also offers an online link to several suppliers. This interface has simplicity at its core with a PC based Microsoft operating system.

At the same time, it documents all relevant transaction data of inventory, monitors stock levels and makes evaluations based on different criteria. This comprehensive and detailed reporting provides maximum transparency over your tool inventory and tool consumption and also allows you a precise cost allocation. Interfaces allow the connection to continue through various ERP systems, and online connectivity of your suppliers automated ordering processes.

To fit the exact demands of the customer, Guhring can tailor the TM 326 to provide individual partitioning material for drawers to separate particular tools. For customers operating their business with the need to store large quantities of compact tools, the TM426 is the ideal solution. It uses a coil system to dispense tools or supplies with the option of a lift tray to reduce the risk of damage to products. The flexible TM426 can be supplied with either 60, 70 or 80 coils to suit the individual preference. To provide complete control of tool usage, the TM 526 only opens to the extent.

of the selected item number of the tools requested. The benefit of these systems is the ability to eliminate tool wastage, monitor tool inventory by machine or operator and guarantee that tool.

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