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TOPlus and SPANNTOP Hainbuch mini chuck machine tool Workholding
TOPlus and SPANNTOP Hainbuch mini chuck machine tool Workholding
TOPlus and SPANNTOP Hainbuch mini chuck machine tool Workholding

TOPlus and SPANNTOP Hainbuch mini chuck machine tool Workholding

Added to MTDCNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 29 July 2016

When it comes to workholding, the flexibility, the minimal interference contour and precision levels are all key factors. Luckily these core benefits can all now be combined with the new range of TOPlus and SPANNTOP mini chucks available from Hainbuch.

The launch of the new modular mini chucks mark a new era of compatibility and flexibility for customers buying this exceptional new modular system. The leading workholding specialist has now developed the SPANNTOP mini chuck to make it compatible with an adapter ring in order to use the new modular system. The existing MANDO Adapt mandrel and the corresponding jaw module already work perfectly with the new SPANNTOP mini, meaning complete autonomy for your small component clamping needs.

Unlike the SPANNTOP mini chuck, the configuration for the TOPlus system is a little different. Whereas the SPANNTOP uses an adaptor ring, the TOPlus system has a ring of attachment holes that secure the market leading jaw module. At present, Hainbuch is developing an innovative new MANDO Adapt series of adapters that will also work in harmony with the popular TOPlus system. In addition, both the SPANNTOP and TOPlus Mini Series are available with a full through-bore plus a variety of standard lengths to suit all machine types and drawtube configurations. For the customer, this exciting new range of possibilities gives maximum flexibility with O.D. clamping via the clamping head and I.D. clamping with the mandrel adapting MANDO Adapt system whilst complete jaw clamping can be accommodated with the new jaw adapting module.

Of course interference of the clamping station is always a key factor when selecting a suitable solution. From this perspective, the new Hainbuch mini chucks minimise the interference contour to provide better workpiece accessibility and more room for manoeuvre in confined work envelopes. This is more prevalent in modern machine tools with multiple tool posts and driven tooling configurations where set-up times and access to tooling is critical. In addition, the smaller and more compact mini chucks have a lower mass and this reduces the centrifugal forces and retains the clamping pressure when machining at high speeds.

This high clamping force is underpinned by a robust design that generates remarkable rigidity levels regardless of the machining application. The combination of uncompromising clamping forces and unsurpassed rigidity deliver precision levels that cannot be achieved by alternate clamping systems.

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