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Improved clamping forces with Torok chucks from Hainbuch

Improved clamping forces with Torok chucks from Hainbuch

Added to MTDCNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 30 September 2014

Improving on an already outstanding product can be difficult, but with the new line of Torok RD chucks from Hainbuch, the German Workholding specialist has done just that. The new Torok RD size 65 chuck has a streamlined design that reduces the interference contour and incorporates a new gear unit design. The result is improved clamping forces and precision with greater accessibility to the workpiece.

With a sensitive manual clamping action and concentricity levels of below 0.01mm possible, the new Torok RD optimises power conversion with its parallel and circumferential clamping configuration. This design improves workpiece stabilisation through the axial draw force, which pulls against the workpiece end-stop to increase rigidity and reduce wear.

The new Torok RD65 has a bar capacity of 66mm and is a truly flexible innovation that has a removable workpiece end-stop for improved repeatability. In addition, the chuck can be used as a stationary clamping module by connecting it to an optional base plate. Furthermore, flexible clamping options such as mandrel clamping and jaw clamping are possible due to the Hainbuch modular system.

Manually actuated with a socket wrench, the Torok RD65 has a vulcanized clamping head with pull-back and hardened steel segments to improve service life and precision. Furthermore, the Torok RD65 incorporates mounting threads for the front end-stop; a torsional safety lock of the clamping head and precision steel balls that minimise friction. With a clamp screw base end-stop, the Torok RD65 can easily be mounted through external actuation.

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