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TOROK manual chuck - clamps powerfully or gently

TOROK manual chuck - clamps powerfully or gently

Added to MTDCNC by HAINBUCH UK Ltd on 09 November 2015

The impressive Torok manual actuation chuck from Hainbuch has now been developed to primarily be used on machine tools that operate without a clamping cylinder. The Torok also accepts a multitude of Hainbuch adaptations such as mandrels, jaw modules, centre plates and face drivers to make it the base unit for a complete workholding system.

The Torok incorporates an easy manual actuation system that operators can safely and delicately clamp when using the system on grinding machines or with thin walled parts for example. Additionally, the Torok can easily clamp with incredible pressure due to the force augmentation in the chuck. All this can be simply achieved with the use of a small key.

This chuck can also be adapted with a back plate to fit any rotating or stationary application or machine tool. This makes it ideal for use in test and development areas and static applications. The key advantages of the Torok line is that it can achieve sensitive manual clamping as well as high pressure clamping with its manual actuation that doesn't require a clamping cylinder.

The system can accomplish a concentric precision of less than 0.01mm. The Torok ensures a minimal inertia loss and it can be supplied with standard DIN flanges and even a Camlock system is available upon request. For the end user, what is most appealing about this system is its flexibility and also its ability to be changed between a clamping head, mandrel, jaw module, face driver or morse taper configuration within less than a minute. 

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