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Triple Cutting Tritan-Drill Offers New Replaceable Head
Triple Cutting Tritan-Drill Offers New Replaceable Head

Triple Cutting Tritan-Drill Offers New Replaceable Head

Added to MTDCNC by MAPAL on 03 April 2017

When it comes to meeting the demands of rising raw material prices, resource efficiency and streamlining inventory, replaceable head drilling systems are the first choice option for tool inventory. For these reasons, MAPAL has further developed its triple cutting edged Tritan-Drill that defines new standards in drilling. It is the first standard triple cutting edged replaceable head drill to reach the market.

The new TTD-Tritan-Drill indexable head and tool holder are joined by Hirth serrations that are extremely stable. This makes all the benefits and the performance characteristics of solid carbide equivalents possible as the Torque Transfer System (TTS) guarantees extremely high stability of the joint.

The three cutting edges ensure a homogeneous load on the connection, so any forces occurring during machining are transmitted uniformly to the steel tool holder. In addition the connection guarantees optimum torque transmission whilst ensuring fast changeovers and remarkable radial run-out accuracy.

As a result, the TTD-Tritan-Drill can be used reliably and with stability even in difficult drilling situations such as inclined bore entrances or cross bores. The tool is perfectly centred via its pronounced drill tip and it reduces costs with the solid carbide material limited to the replaceable head.

The drill bodies for the TTD replaceable system are offered with HA, HB and HE shank designations and through coolant facility with drilling depths of 1xD, 3xD, 5xD, 8xD and 12xD. With five different types of replaceable drill head, even problematic machining operations can be carried out in practically all materials in the diameter range from 12mm to 45mm. The drill bodies and heads are both offered in a complete range of diameter increments.

To make this exceptional new series accessible for all material types, MAPAL has developed the drill heads with a variety of coatings and compositions. A drilling head for optimal cast iron machining has been introduced with MAPAL's specialised AlTiSiXN coating and a 140 degree point angle. For general steel drilling operations, a TiAlN coated 138 degree head is offered. Additional aluminium, Inox and Universal grades with specific geometries and coatings are also available.  

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