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Micron Zeroes In On Precision Workholding for MACH

Micron Zeroes In On Precision Workholding for MACH

Added to MTDCNC by MicroLoc Workholding on 16 February 2014

At MACH 2014 on Stand 4101, Micron Workholding will be introducing the new VB Dock Lock Safe 20 range of zero point clamping systems. Developed for reducing set-up times and improving the precision of the workholding process on machining centres, the Dock Lock 20 offers a pull-in force of 12,500N and a retention force of 40,000N - so you never need to worry about rigidly holding your workpiece ever again.

The innovative zero point system from Micron guarantees a repeat accuracy level better than 5 microns, so precision and consistency is improved drastically for the end user. The flexibility of the new Dock Lock 20 enables it to be fitted to all types of machining centre. The product line incorporates a base plate set that can either be a standard configuration or an angle plate, a cube set-up or as a 5-sided adaptor for maximum productivity levels on rotary tables. Each of the base plate arrangements can accommodate flanged, built-in and built-up cylinder units with pneumatically activated units and a host of plug arrangements available to deliver remarkable flexibility for all your production needs.

For example, the built-in cylinders allow any spacing configuration on the plates. This enables the system to be used on set-up tables and CMM's. Additionally, the built-up cylinder variation offers a flexible arrangement on all machine types.

The robust system enables the operator to conduct set-up changes parallel to an existing machining process. This can lower machine downtime by over 90%, a staggering figure that improves machine up-time and productivity levels. The flexibility of the Dock Lock 20 permits interruption in workflow at any time without losing the zero-point precision - a flexibility that is ideal for urgent orders and changeovers. This flexibility also extends to the machining set-up whereby customers can process all 5-sides of a part without unclamping or re-setting the component. This delivers obstruction free machining with huge cost savings.

To optimise production levels, the Dock Lock 20 is available with base plates that offer one, two or four potted plates so the customer can simultaneously hold multiple components. With the accuracy, repeatability and clamping force benefits of the Dock Lock 20 being well documented, Micron Workholding will be keen to demonstrate the system at MACH 2014. Additionally, the workholding specialist will be keen to discuss the benefits of the larger Dock Lock Safe 30 and Safe 50 systems at MACH.

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