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Vollmer Chooses Alicona for Measurement Partner

Vollmer Chooses Alicona for Measurement Partner

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 28 March 2013

Recognised as the benchmark in the provision of sharpening and erosion machines for the processing of cutting tools, Vollmer UK has chosen Alicona as their partner in the area of tool surface measurement. Acknowledged as a market leader in the manufacture of optical 3D surface measurement systems to qualify surface roughness and form quality, the Alicona product range offers unsurpassed cutting edge, radius and angle measurement that perfectly complements the Vollmer range of machine tools.

The two companies already have application based synergies with existing Vollmer customers measuring and certifying their cutting tools on Alicona measuring machines. Furthermore, the Vollmer headquarters in Germany has also installed an Alicona Edgemaster at their machine tool production plant to measure the surface form and cutting edge radius on cutting tools and saw blades. The ability to measure geometric forms, the honing, edge radius and the surfaces of cutting tools before and after machining to monitor performance with finite detail is a major benefit to Vollmer, its customers and of course customers who employ Alicona equipment.

The EdgeMaster optical 3D measurement device automatically measures cutting tools regardless of type, size, material or surface finish. The robust technology of Focus-Variation delivers stable and traceable measurements with regards to wear analysis and measurement of form deviations.

The Alicona Edgemaster gives Vollmer customers the ability to provide consistent edge preparation on the tools to a level of consistency that is difficult to achieve without modern optical measuring technology.

Working with Vollmer will also provide Alicona with a knowledge transfer based relationship that will enable Alicona to improve its understanding of the various types of requirements that cutting tool manufacturers place upon their machine tools and production facilities. This will enable Alicona to enhance the development and capability of its measuring systems.

Commenting upon the newly formed relationship, Vollmer UK Managing Director Peter Allen comments: 'We are pleased to have the knowledge that we are able to accurately measure the tools we produce and sharpen. This increases our reliability and enables us to provide our customers with a reliable service and consistent service.'

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