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WNT (UK) sees sales of technical workholding solutions increase
WNT (UK) sees sales of technical workholding solutions increase

WNT (UK) sees sales of technical workholding solutions increase

Added to MTDCNC by WNT (UK) Ltd on 22 April 2013

Renowned for its excellence in cutting tool technology, WNT (UK) is also a leading supplier of technical workholding solutions and demand for these products is seeing a marked increase as the Sheffield-based company adds to its already extensive portfolio of vices and fixturing.

Two recent additions to the WNT workholding range are the H5G and the ESG Mini series of vices. The two systems sit at opposite ends of the scale with the H5G system offering clamping forces of up to 40kN and, depending on the configuration, a gripping width of up to 499 mm. The ESG Mini is designed for smaller components and has a maximum gripping force of 12 kN and is ideal for multiple clamping set-ups using zero-point pallets.

A key feature of the H5G series is its pre-set clamping force feature. By being able to set the required force the possibility of over or under tightening the component in the vice is eliminated, making it ideal for a wide range of components from heavy-duty to thin walled. To lock and unlock the vice the mechanism only needs to be moved through an arc of 160 degrees, meaning clamping can be completed in under one second. Other design features of the H5G series include a low vice height of 125 mm making it ideal for smaller machine tools, the clamping mechanism is fully sealed to protect against swarf and other contaminants and prolong the life of the vice, the location of the clamping spindle ensures minimal deflection of the clamping jaws, even at maximum gripping force.

The ESG Mini series features a small, 40 mm jaw width as standard, with a 100 mm option being available, that can accommodate a wide variety of components thanks to the wide range of vice jaws available for the system. These jaws also feature a variety of helpful features that help with machine/component set-up. For example jaws are available with precision ruled marks and stops on them or with indentations to allow quick positioning of components and also facilitate the removal and repositioning of components for inspection part way through machining. As with the larger H5G vices the operating mechanism of the ESG Mini series is completely encapsulated

Other benefits of the ESG Mini series are its design that has the fixed jaw manufactured from the same block of material as the vice base, making it much stronger and resistant to deflection. The vice jaw system is fully modular allowing great variations in clamping options and the clamping mechanism can be specified as a manual or hydraulic system.  

Both systems feature tenon or zero point location points making them suitable for most machine tools or set-up applications. In particular the ESG Mini series is perfect for multiple vice applications on base plates or tombstone-type fixture blocks. As with all other products from WNT the entire range of vices and accessories are featured in the extensive WNT catalogue and are all available ex-stock for next day delivery.

'Our range of workholding products continues to evolve and like our cutting tools we are focused on delivering high quality solutions for our customers, who are reacting very favourably to the range of workholding that we can now provide,' says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK). 'With the combination of cutting tools, toolholders and workholding backed up by our market leading technical support, we are delivering what our customers are asking for and they are repaying us with increased sales.'

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