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Schunk has an entrepreneur with heart
Schunk has an entrepreneur with heart
Schunk has an entrepreneur with heart
Schunk has an entrepreneur with heart

Schunk has an entrepreneur with heart

Added to MTDCNC by SCHUNK Intec Ltd on 09 February 2016

Creativity, assertiveness, willingness to take risks and social responsibility. For his exemplary entrepreneurial commitment, Henrik A. Schunk, Managing Partner of the SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG has been presented with the 'Entrepreneurial Heart' award at a recent summit of industry leaders. The awards are an initiative of WirtschaftsWoche magazine and Adolf Würth GmbH. They focus on entrepreneurs that have made courageous decisions with exemplary function. The prize was awarded for the first time this year.

With the Kaywald school cooperation project, a school for children and young people with physical and mental disabilities in Lauffen Germany, SCHUNK - a global market leader for clamping technology and gripping systems highlighted that social engagement and entrepreneurial thinking can go hand in hand. SCHUNK has cooperated with the school for over ten years. The starting point was an initiative for social competence, which Henrik A. Schunk devised with his father, Heinz-Dieter Schunk. Since then, SCHUNK apprentices have taken on a two-week long social internship at the Kaywald school in Lauffen, among other places.

Each year, more projects were added to the initiative. Today, the students at Kaywald school are a key part of the daily routine at SCHUNK. The youngsters dispose of paper, collect recyclables or take on diverse technical projects together with SCHUNK trainees. One of the highlights is the regular external classes, which are taught directly in the SCHUNK training center. There, the students complete part of their training. Every Wednesday, Kayswald students carry out work on a CNC machine procured specifically for the project to produce regular orders from production. From the earnings of the individual projects, the youngsters finance a training apartment, in which they are kept fit for daily life. This way, some previous students of the Kaywald school have made the leap to a full-time position at the innovative family-owned company.

Promotion of motivation and social interaction

'The focus of our cooperation with the Kaywald school is not charity, but the desire to give disabled people the chance of true participation and to develop a special kind of team spirit within the workforce', stressed Henrik A. Schunk at the award ceremony. 'The cooperation of disabled and non-disabled people teaches a high degree of social competence. Everyone can see that it is possible for teams to achieve peak performance despite, or perhaps even due to many hurdles'. The supervisors in particular were repeatedly invited to re-calibrate to the special needs of young people with disabilities, explained Schunk. They are like trainers, whose task is to identify existing strengths and consistently expand them. The projects encourage a respectful and considerate handling, without demanding too little. They underline that motivation and social interaction are not mutually exclusive, but complement and promote one another', said the entrepreneur.

With 11,000 standard components, SCHUNK offers the largest range of clamping technology and gripping systems in the world. SCHUNK operates eight factories and 30 subsidiaries around the world and its sales have doubled over the past five years. 


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