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150K for new XYZ 5 axis UMC machining centre
150K for new XYZ 5 axis UMC machining centre

150K for new XYZ 5 axis UMC machining centre

Added to MTDCNC by XYZ Machine Tools on 08 April 2017

With the 5-axis machine tool sector already packed with a wide variety of machines, the UK's largest machine tool vendor has now entered the fray with its much anticipated offering. The new UMC-5X from XYZ has already sold over 200 units across Europe and with a high specification, robust build quality and innovative technology, its arrival in the UK for a price in the region of £150,000 is undoubtedly going to shake-up the 5-axis market.

From a rigidity perspective, the 9 tonne heavyweight has a gantry type construction that is supported on both sides with an overhang to the front of the machine. This combination gives the new UMC-5X unparalleled rigidity in all axes whilst the gantry overhang provides a particularly large Y-axis travel. This rigidity is extended to the trunnion table construction that has a high torque C-axis table that can achieve rotational speeds of 90rpm. By incorporating a rotary axis direct drive high torque motor that has no worm and wheel; consistent precision and repeatability is assured. Additionally, the UMC-5X has high precision encoders on both A and C axis that eliminate backlash and maximises precision and performance. Additionally, the high speed 90rpm C-axis improves productivity and reduces cycle times for end users. These encoders are complemented by linear scales on the X, Y and Z axes. Continuing the theme of rigidity, the UMC-5X has been manufactured with 45mm heavy duty linear roller slideways that instil the ethos of precision and performance attributes with longevity.   

The new addition to the XYZ stable has a side mounted tool changer unit that can accommodate 24, 32, 48 or 60 positions that can be changed at remarkable speed. This flexibility suits everyone from the mould maker with a smaller tool requirement through to the full production environment that demands the maximum number of tool positions. The spindle configuration is also available with a number of options that include a 12,000rpm, 15,000rpm, 18,000rpm and 24,000rpm high speed option. Initially, XYZ will be stocking the new machine with a 15,000rpm spindle and 48 tool change configuration with all additional options available upon order.

From a user friendly perspective, the UMC-5X has a build design that enables the customer to easily and efficiently load up to 600kg billets on the 600mm diameter rotary table. Furthermore, the machine has an automatically reclining roof that provides simplified access for cranes and forklifts to load particularly large parts. Taking ease of use a step further, XYZ is making the new addition available with the popular Siemens 840DSL Shopmill CNC control unit or the iTNC 640 HSCI control from Heidenhain also being an option. The Heidenhain and Siemens controls both offer their respective Kinematic and Traori features that offer extremely accurate information on the position of both the table and component at any one time. For end users that demand the utmost in precision, XYZ recommends that customers select such precision options.

The new UMC-5X is also offered with a complete range of options that include features such as high pressure through spindle coolant that delivers either 20 or 70bar pressure. The UMC-5X also offers laser tool measuring and management, thermal growth compensation, integrated Smart Machining Technology (SMT) and much more.

Commenting upon why XYZ has entered the 5-axis segment, Managing Director Mr Nigel Atherton says: "We've entered this market as we see it as a growth segment that has grown consistently over the last few years. We understand that almost 30% of machines sold in Germany are 5-axis, so its definitely a growth market and the machines are not just for complicated work. For example, customers can use the machine as a 3+2 or a 4+1 and just clamp the part on a small stock area and machine a complete part in one set-up. It also allows customers to run the machine for longer periods. We already have seven machines on the way with slightly different specifications and we are looking forward to getting these machines into the market."

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