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The new 2014 Haas Super Speed range of machines

The new 2014 Haas Super Speed range of machines

Added to MTDCNC by HAAS Automation on 13 July 2014

A significant factor in the success of Haas Automation in the past 10 years has been the introduction of its ever popular ‘Super Speed’ range. Considered a hybrid, the 2014 models come standard with many new features.

Most notably the 30 horsepower inline direct drive spindle on the VF range is capable of running at 12,000 RPM all day every day. The direct-drive spindle system couples the drive directly to the spindle rather than using belts. This results in smoother transmission of power, less heat and less noise than traditional drive systems. Superior surface finishes, extreme thermal stability and very quiet operation are the rewards.

20,000 Super Speed machines are already successfully cutting metal around the world. Haas sales figures already confirm that every 8 minutes of every working day a Haas machine is purchased but as impressive is the statistic that  at least one Super Speed machine is purchased every hour of every working day.

Recognising and meeting customer demand has always been the cornerstone that Haas has used for the introduction of new products since we began this journey, over 30 years ago stated managing director Nick Remington.

The latest concept was simple, take an established machine range and make it faster.

For 2014 a newly designed 24+1 side-mount tool changer has been constructed using lighter materials and a high performance servo motor achieving below 1.6 seconds tool-to-tool changes. High pitch ballscrews and high torque servo motors on all axes provide rapids of 35 m/min. 

The Haas Super Speed VMC family now includes VF-2SS, VF-3SS, VF-4SS, VF-5SS and VF-6SS. Extended Y-axis is also available ofn the VF2 and VF 3SS machines for increased flexibility.


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