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New XL780 has 780mm swing over bed with 3m between centres
New XL780 has 780mm swing over bed with 3m between centres

New XL780 has 780mm swing over bed with 3m between centres

Added to MTDCNC by XYZ Machine Tools on 25 August 2015

The MTD crew recently took a trip to sunny Tiverton to XYZ to take a look at its impressive new flat bed lathe, the XL780. The new XL780 has been brought to market to bridge the gap in the XYZ line-up between the smaller turning line and the very large heavy duty turning centres..

The new XL780 has a remarkably spacious 780mm swing over bed with 3m between centres that is easily accessible with the user friendly and ergonomic design characteristics. This is credit to the two doors on the XL780 that open up and over the work area as opposed to sliding sideways. The two doors are provided to reduce the weight of the doors when sliding over the machine tool. They also simplify access for overhead cranes that may be needed to load large billets. 

With regards to component sizes, the XL780 permits the turning of parts up to 2.9m in length with up to 1090mm being the maximum diameter capacity. The spindle bore is 160mm, allowing bar feeding of particularly large components. Concerning the CNC control unit, the XL780 is supplied with a Siemens control that is conversational and very intuitive for the end user. Some of the neat features in the control include a 'contour hand wheel' feature that enables the customer to do a 'dry run' with the hand-wheel prior to full machining. For those of a more old fashioned inclination, the XL780 also has a set of hand wheels for manual operation that can manoeuvre the 4 station tool post that is fully automatic and programmable with the CNC control.

The robust new machine is driven by a 30kw spindle that has a 2-step motor that generates high torque levels throughout the speed range up to a maximum 1300rpm for machine shops that are machining anything from soft malleable materials through to difficult to cut aluminium alloys. 

The robust tailstock on the machine has an air-purge under the tailstock that enables easy movement of the heavy and robust unit. Furthermore, the tailstock has a novel system that also allows it to be moved in synchronicity with the saddle, taking the hard work out of the movement for the user. This new offering is genuinely ideal for the subcontract machine shop..

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