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Leader proposes success with a real diamond

Leader proposes success with a real diamond

Added to MTDCNC by Leader CNC Technologies Ltd on 01 December 2014

For the high precision machining of large components, Leader CNC is now offering the new Linear Diamond range of 5-axis bridge type machining centres from Gruppo Parpas. The New Diamond Linear Series provides a spacious work area, multi-axis capability and astounding precision that gives the end user everything they need from a 5-axis machine tool.

The precision and speed of the Diamond Linear is provided by linear motors on the X, Y and Z axes and also the thermal/geometric stability of the machine that is controlled at 21 degrees C. This combination ensures that parts are produced in a thermally stable and precise environment that will deliver component quality and consistency far beyond that of other machines in its class.

The Diamond Linear has an X, Y and Z axes travel of 2200 by 1500 by 1000mm that effectively covers the 2300 by 1600mm table. With a table to spindle nose distance of 1250mm, this new machine has an extremely spacious work area that enables users to load parts up to 20,000kg on the machine table. With innovation in every aspect of the Diamond Linear, Gruppo Parpas has cleverly installed a sliding roof on the machine. This enables large parts and billets to be loaded by gantry or fork lift with remarkable ease. This also reduces machine and operator collisions and accidents. Clearly built for the robust machining of large parts, the Diamond Linear has an overall weight of 30,000kg.
As would be expected from a high-end large Gruppo Parpas machining centre, the Diamond Linear has a powerful 29kW spindle motor that can run at up to 22,000rpm. This configuration delivers a high level of torque for heavy material removal machining and the high speed spindle range makes the Diamond Linear a truly flexible HSM option.

From a productivity perspective, the new machining centre has an acceleration rate of 5M/sec and X, Y and Z axes rapids of 40M/min, attributable to the linear motors fitted on each of the axes. With regard to flexibility, the machine is fitted with a spindle head fully controllable in two rotary axes - the C-axis has an impressive rotation of +/-370 degrees with a A-axis rotation from +/-105 degrees. In addition, Leader CNC can supply the Diamond Linear with the option of an in-built rotary table to enable large parts to be turned within the machining area.

Adding to this flexibility, the new machine is available with a tool carousel with an option of 24, 40, 48, 64 or 80 tool positions that can reduce tool changeovers and operator intervention. To ensure the tooling configuration meets the precision levels of the machine, Leader CNC can install a laser tool setting probe to inspect cutting tools on every job and every process.

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