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High-Performance 5-axis Horizontal HMC Innovation from Handtmann

High-Performance 5-axis Horizontal HMC Innovation from Handtmann

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 18 September 2012

Handtmann CNC has launched an innovative high-performance 5-axis horizontal machining centre, the HBZ Trunnion 80, which it says can increase productivity by up to 30%.

The machine draws on Handtmann’s experience in the aerospace sector to bring together in one machine some of the most productive approaches to high-performance machining. The machine is not just aimed at the aerospace sector, but also customers in areas such as automotive manufacturing, mould and die making, energy, power generation, and machine construction.

Available through Handtmann CNC UK, part of the Engineering Technology Group, the HBZ Trunnion combines high-power, high-speed spindles, highly dynamic performance and a compact single-piece rigid structure with a horizontal machine’s capacity for high metal removal rates and optimum chip management.

Operating at speeds not normally associated with a horizontal machining centre, the HBZ combines a three-axis horizontal spindle with an NC swivel rotary table. This allows components to be loaded in the horizontal plane from the front or top of the machine. The component then swivels into the vertical position for machining, allowing all swarf and coolant to simply fall away, with five sides machined in one setup. With no chip build-up or removal problems, the horizontal machining position ensures improved surface quality, better tool life and minimal heat build-up, ensuring thermal stability and consistent accuracy.

The machine configuration also allows the HBZ Trunnion to be offered with a full multi-axis turning option.

The HBZ Trunnion 80 features an 800mm diameter NC swivel table and X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 850mm, 850mm and 700mm respectively. Maximum table load is 1,200kg.

A range of spindles is available to suit a variety of applications and materials – including steel, aluminium, titanium and composites. Spindle powers range from 14kW up to 81kW, with maximum spindle speeds from 18,000 rpm up to 30,000 rpm and torque from 31Nm to 200Nm.

This spindle power is delivered through a highly dynamic design that combines a rigid, single-piece ‘Power Cube’ machine frame with precise high-speed axis drives. Designed using finite element methods, the machine is extremely compact for its machining power and only needs a three-point floor mounting with no special foundations.

X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 45m/min and 0.6g accelerations are combined with 35rpm A and C swivel table axes. A dynamic package option takes the linear axis speeds up to 60m/min with accelerations of 1.0g.

To cope with extreme rates of metal removal, the chip conveyor system is designed to transport up to 15 litres of aluminium swarf per minute out of the machining zone.

The HBZ Trunnion range is designed to offer a flexible range of options for automation and cell configuration. The fast pallet change system is available for maximum uptime and the possibility of top and front loading offers optimum access for automated handling systems. The three-point floor mounting allows the machine to be easily moved for cell configuration and the chip conveyor direction is reversible.

This flexibility is complemented by a modular tool management concept, with HSK 63A toolholder options ranging from the standard 40-slot chain magazine to a 60-slot chain magazine or a rack-type magazine capable of holding hundreds of tools. Chip-to-chip tool change time is 3 seconds.

Launched at the AMB exhibition in Stuttgart, the HBZ Trunnion 80 is the most compact machine in the HBZ Trunnion range. Larger machines in the range are the HBZ Trunnion 120 and the HBZ Trunnion 160, which feature 1200mm and 1600mm diameter NC-swivel tables and spindle powers up to 125kW.

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