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5 axis VMC and VTL launched by Feeler at EMO
5 axis VMC and VTL launched by Feeler at EMO

5 axis VMC and VTL launched by Feeler at EMO

Two important new product lines – a 5-axis vertical machining centre and a vertical turning centre – will be launched by Feeler at EMO and available in the UK from The Engineering Technology Group from September.

Feeler’s U600-5AX machining centre, which won ‘Best in Show’ at the TIMTOS exhibition earlier this year, is aimed at the general machining, mould & die and low-volume manufacturing sectors.
The U600-5AX has a trunnion-type design with X, Y and Z axes mounted on a rigid column combined with A and C rotary axes on the trunnion.

Compared to machines with a B and C rotary axis configuration, this gives better visibility for the operator, easier access for loading and unloading and a larger safe zone for tool-changing.
Ease of operation is further enhanced by twin sliding guards, at right angles to each other, which give uninterrupted access to the working area from both the front and the side of the machine. The control is the top-of-the-range Heidenhain TNC 530 and the control panel is mounted on a moving arm to allow a range of operating positions.

The U600-5AX has a 460mm (X) by 520mm (Y) by 400mm (Z) working envelope and a 15,000 rpm BT-40 Big Plus spindle – 10,000, 12,000 and 20,000 rpm spindles are available as options. Axis travel speed is 30m/min in X, Y and Z. A 30-tool magazine is fitted as standard with 40-tool option available.

The machine was designed using advanced FEM software to ensure maximum rigidity and machining accuracy with a single-piece base and column design to effectively reduce accumulated errors.

The castings are of a box design with long slide-ways and the tilting table has a tailstock design to prevent deflection.

The FVT-1000 vertical lathe is designed to offer heavy-duty turning performance on a small footprint that can easily be integrated into a production line.  

It has a maximum turning diameter of 1,000mm, a maximum turning height of 850mm and a 32 inch diameter chuck.

The Fanuc α40/6000 spindle motor combined with a ZF gearbox offers a maximum torque of 4,700Nm at 90rpm, making the FVT-1000 ideal for machining large workpieces. Maximum spindle speed is 1,500 rpm.

The FVT-1000 is fitted with a 12-station BMT 85 fully hydraulic turret. Servo turret and live tooling options are also available.

As with the U600, the design of the FVT-1000 has been optimised using finite element methods for maximum rigidity and heavy-duty cutting, with box guide-ways throughout and large diameter ball-screw drives.

The Feeler machines can be seen at EMO on the Fair Friend Group stand in Hall 27, which at 2760 sq m is the second largest stand at the show and over two and a half times larger than the stand the Group took at EMO two years ago.

Published on MTD CNC by ETG on 27 June 2013

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