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5 axis machining centre from MAP has 120 m/min rapid traverse and up to 40,000 revs/min spindle drive

5 axis machining centre from MAP has 120 m/min rapid traverse and up to 40,000 revs/min spindle drive

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 27 June 2012

Maximised performance is a benefit from utilising linear drives giving rapid feed rates of 120 m/min with an acceleration of 2.5 g (20 m/sec²) throughout the working envelope of 700 mm in X, 985 mm in Y and 500 mm in Z on the latest MAP LPZ 630 five-axis machining centre.

The MAP LPZ 630 is the mid-range version of the MAP LPZ series of 5-axis machines represented in the UK by 2D CNC Machinery of Rushden, Northants. The machine has high speed spindle options of 40,000 revs/min through HSK E40 spindle or 20,000 and 18,000 revs/min. A heavier duty HSK A63 taper spindle having up to 28 kW of power with 83 Nm of torque is also available.

Built on a heavy duty cast iron bed, the spindle assembly is carried on a low-mass aluminium X and Y gantry slide and is positioned through fully enclosed linear drive units mounted outside of the working zone. As a result, the high levels of thermal stability achieved in conjunction with absolute positioning scales enable a positioning tolerance within 0.003 mm.

Repeatability is 0.005 mm within the three linear axes and ±5 secs in the trunnion mounted, direct driven A-axis and rotary B-axis. As an option, the 360 deg B-axis is also able to rotate at up to 80 revs/min or as a further option at up to 200 revs/min for integrated turning cycles.

MAP&rsquos machining centre product line up has seen installations throughout Europe with OEM&rsquos in the automotive, aerospace and specialist engineering sectors as well as related tiered subcontract machinists. The machine builder originally grew out of the Fritz Werner group&rsquos cell and system engineering operation to create the modular constructed niche product line up. The MAP machining centres are easily customer configurable from stand-alone installations through to cell and system engineered solutions.

Indeed, as part of the automation packages available from the single engineered source are between three and six pallet change systems, integrated gantry workpiece loaders for smaller sizes of components and highly flexible robotic based systems. The company has also set up a specialised software development operation able to tailor specific production and process management solutions, integrate transportation, work scheduling, tooling, full system management and maintenance.

Tool magazines holding 24, 36 or 78 tools up 125 mm diameter by 330 mm in length are available and the MAP LPZ 630 is controlled by Siemens 840D CNC unit.

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