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Aerospace Machining ideal for new Mitsui Seikis HU63-T

Aerospace Machining ideal for new Mitsui Seikis HU63-T

Aimed at the production of larger circular disc style components such as critical rotating blisk and impeller components used in the aerospace sector, the latest Mitsui Seiki HU63-T combined with new software developments is able to manipulate high accuracy work on its vertically orientated table for 5-axis simultaneous machining up to 800 mm in diameter by 550 mm high and weighing up to 300 kg.

Available through 2D CNC of Rushden, Northants the 5-axis machines are designed for high precision cutting on tough and hardened materials.  High power spindle motors are able to deliver torque levels up to 1081 Nm and in addition, following specialised software development by Mitsui Seiki’s application team, offering a customised solution not available on any other 5-axis machine, overcomes significant time losses attributed to datuming fixtures and components.

Mitsui Seiki’s Advanced Dynamic 5-axis Fixture Offset (ADFO) software, is able to automatically create the data for positioning fixture/component offsets thus enabling important time savings to be made when setting and datuming high value parts for machining.

With an X-axis travel of 900 mm, Y-axis and column travels in Z of 800 mm coupled to the rotary table B-axis of -90 deg to -180 deg and 360 deg C-axis, the ultra-high accuracy table-on-table configured machine uses high precision glass scales for position and feedback working to an accuracy of 1 micron in X, Y and Z and 0.001 deg in B-and C-axes. 

Working through the high specification Fanuc 30iMA control, the ADFO software adds an important functionality especially when setting for simultaneous contouring type applications.  As the application is dynamic it will continuously calculate any offset vectors from current positions and will accordingly offset X, Y and Z co-ordinates in real time.

By simply applying the work co-ordinate offset adjustment the Fanuc control will continuously track and in real time and dynamically update the vector points in the part program.  Indeed, in certain applications a spindle probe can be used to determine the part datum and the control will automatically apply any offsets for five-axis working.

When compared with other 5-axis machine tool/control combinations ADFO overcomes the general problem where the orbiting points of both B-and C-rotary axes have to be taken into account to achieve or maintain the accuracy of form while maintaining high orders of surface finish. 

In normal machining without ADFO, users will have to probably utilise more elaborate fixturing for workholding and the operator has to be relied upon to always remember to set new parts back to their respective centre positions.  As a result this has a direct reflection on the cost and quality of fixturing, the time involved in datum alignment and most important the overall geometric relationship of the part to its programmed centre points.

The HU 63-T machine is part of a new series of 5-axis machining centres with capacities from the HU40-T with 610 mm in X and 560 mm in Y and Z to the HU100-T which has 1,300 mm in X and 1,000 mm in Y and Z.

Published on MTD CNC by on 05 September 2012

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