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Ajax launch 5 axis and european flat bed lathe at Southern Manufacturing
Ajax launch 5 axis and european flat bed lathe at Southern Manufacturing
Ajax launch 5 axis and european flat bed lathe at Southern Manufacturing

Ajax launch 5 axis and european flat bed lathe at Southern Manufacturing

Added to MTDCNC by Ajax on 28 January 2014

Southern Manufacturing 2014 will mark the first showing by Ajax Machine Tools International at a UK exhibition of the Ajax 5-Axis vertical machining centre priced at under £80,000 and the launch of the European built flat bed CNC lathe with chuck and quick change toolpost for under £16,000.
The move into 5-axis technology with the Heidenhain iTNC 620 controlled Ajax V700 i5X follows the success of the three/four axis version of the V700 that demonstrated value-for-money against specification and build quality.  

Also on the stand is the first UK exhibition showing of the European built Euroturn 200 flat bed CNC lathe with Siemens 808D full colour conversational control and drives package.  Targetted at training schools and general small batch production, the on-floor price of £15,950 including chuck and quick change toolpost sets a very competitive benchmark for other suppliers.  In addition, Ajax will be demonstrating the new AJCBM 750 CNC bedmill with Heidenhain TNC 320 control which sells for under £29,000.

The 5-Axis V700 i5X VMC has an 18 kW, 10,000 revs/min spindle and chiller, a 200 mm diameter rotary/tilt table and 24 tool magazine as standard.  Table size is 800 mm by 400 mm and direct drive motors provide rapid traverse rates of 48 m/min across the axis travels of 700 mm in X, 400 mm in Y and 550 mm in Z.  As options the Z-axis can be extended to 650 mm, the spindle speed increased to 12,000 revs/min and a 20 bar high pressure coolant system added.  

Fitted with Heidenhain iTNC 620 control this sets the quality of build specification giving a system resolution of ±0.001 mm with the added bonus of on-site machine calibration using Renishaw ballbar and laser interferometer to confirm linear accuracy and repeatability as part of the installation package carried out by Ajax engineers. 

The Special Show Launch package V700 i5X at £69,950 offers amazing value and high specification, specifically designed for engineering companies moving to 5 axes machining for the first time. This unique configuration allows for easy removal/replacement of the 4th/5th axis without the need of time consuming parameter changes.
The Show launch package for Ajax’s European built AJEU Euroturn range of lathes sees a ‘show special’ offer of the Euroturn 200 flat bed CNC lathe with Siemens 808D control complete with chuck and quick change toolpost and delivery within 100 miles for under £14,950.  The three machine range has swing over bed of 402 mm, 502 mm and 650 mm with between centre distances of 750 mm and 1,000 mm on the AJEU 200 and up to 3,000 mm on the largest AJEU 325.  Three speed gearboxes maximise torque from the 4 kW, 5.5 kW and 7.5 kW motors and quick-change tool post is included with option of an eight-station turret.  

Meanwhile, the Ajax AJCBM 750 bedmill is designed to bridge the gap between a vertical machining centre and toolroom milling machine with the added operational flexibility of a universal inclined head and Heidenhain full three-axis contouring control.  

The table size is 1,270 mm by 280 mm and able to accept loads up to 500 kg.  Longitudinal travel is 750 mm, cross travel 420 mm and 500 mm available in the vertical axis.  The quill provides an independent traverse of 127 mm. 


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