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Ajax Livens Up The Boring Machine
Ajax Livens Up The Boring Machine

Ajax Livens Up The Boring Machine

Added to MTDCNC by Ajax on 04 February 2016

The Ajax line of 5-axis CNC Horizontal Borers are an excellent package that allow the modern manufacturer to efficiently conduct milling and boring on four sides of the job in a single set-up. By giving the customer faster production rates, precision and flexibility, the Ajax AJHB line is creating a stir in the industry. 


The impressive horizontal boring line provides a Fanuc 0i CNC unit with a  manual guide and CNC rotary table with a locking pin at 90 degrees, linear scales to give very high precision, pendant control, telescopic slide-way covers and an automatic tool changer with 60 tool positions. All of this is built upon an extremely robust platform. 


This line of heavy duty construction machines is available in two variants, the AJHB800 and the AJHB110-20T. Both machines are offered with a BT50 spindle taper for heavy and robust machining applications that obtain their high torque levels from a two-speed gearbox that delivers spindle speeds from 5 to 3000rpm. Both machines weigh in at a hefty 23,500kgs. The smaller AJHB800 machine provides a maximum table load of 3,000kgs and a main spindle motor of 18.5kW whilst the larger AJHB110-20T copes with a workload of 5,000kg and a 26kW spindle motor. 


The  AJHB800 machine has an 800 by 800mm table capacity compared to 1500 by 1200 on the AJHB110-20T with both machines having a 2m cross travel (3m option on AJHB110). For further details on how Ajax can speed up your large component production, give them a call to find out more..


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