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Ajax Machine Tools impressive line of drilling machines
Ajax Machine Tools impressive line of drilling machines

Ajax Machine Tools impressive line of drilling machines

Added to MTDCNC by Ajax on 04 February 2016

Now available from Ajax Machine Tools is its impressive line of drilling machines which includes a series of Pedestal Drilling, Geared Piston Head Drilling and Radial Arm Drilling machines. Ajax has always been known for its drilling machines and the latest addition to the line is the Ajax AJSBM28.

This new member of the Ajax drilling family is well designed and well built. It has a 12 speed gearbox with speeds from 75rpm to 3200rpm giving it good capability for all drill sizes. The head can be raised or lowered to suit the operator. With a distance from the spindle to the table from 125 to 825mm and a spindle stroke of 130mm, the new AJSBM is an ideal addition to any machine shop.

The Pedestal line of drilling machines incorporate geared heads fully immersed in oil that are designed for heavy duty, long life operation. The gears in the speed change box are hardened, shaved and manufactured from the best quality nickel chrome steel. The shafts are splined, ground and made to close tolerances to ensure perfect alignment and smooth operation. Automatic oiling of all essential moving parts is achieved by an automatic pressure oil pump. All machines, with the exception of the AJ25 and AJ30, are fitted as standard with an automatic feed mechanism which is graduated and can be preset to the desired depth. The series has six product variations with a drilling capacity from 25 to 70mm with a distance from the spindle to the column of 250 to 420mm depending upon the model selected. With spindle motors from 1.6 to 7.5Hp, the Pedestal drills from Ajax are compact and powerful units designed for any and every machine shop.

For more robust drilling operations, Ajax has an exceptional line of Radial Drilling machines. The AJRD radial arm drilling machines incorporate cast iron castings that are reinforced by a system of crossed ribs and boxed sections. All castings are hardened to 200-220HB. The column for the AJRD 38 & 50 is a vertical rotating column with manual clamping as standard, hydraulic clamping being standard on all models above this size.

The spindle and quill are manufactured from special forged steel and are constructed to reduce vibration to a minimum. The quill is machined with utmost accuracy and the teeth are also ground to ensure accuracy is maintained for the feed rate. The spindle is mounted in a double row roller and thrust bearings are protected by a grease seal. The spindle is secured by an anti-vibration lock-nut at the top of the spindle. The spindle and quill assembly are fitted with a counter-weight providing uniform smoothness of the entire stroke. These larger and more robust units are ideal for drilling from 42 to 150mm materials such as cast iron. Furthermore, the machines have a maximum distance from spindle to column of 815 to 3150mm with a net weight from 1175kg to 20,000kg.


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