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Ajax Machine Tools wins 180k order to supply an Ajax manual horizontal borer

Ajax Machine Tools wins 180k order to supply an Ajax manual horizontal borer

Added to MTDCNC by Ajax on 19 December 2013

The international sales operation of Ajax Machine Tools has won an £180,000 order from South Korea to supply an Ajax manual horizontal borer for producing large gearbox housings and valve bodies.

According to Ajax Managing Director William Savin: 'Although the country has a large machine tool industry there is still a market for large capacity manual machines of this type.  For instance, this is the fifth horizontal borer we have built and sold overseas in the last three years plus we have installed a further three new machines to UK customers.'

He maintains that overseas markets have retained their skill base and need this type of equipment to satisfy operations such as multi-face machining on large components, the capability for accurate line boring and the turning of large flat joint and sealing faces.  Further advantages that encourage sales, he says, is as much as a 50 per cent saving against the purchase of an equivalent capacity CNC machine, the availability of tooling and the confidence to achieve accuracy while having the reliability of a new build machine as against second-hand or reconditioned machines.

Currently in final build and test at Ajax’s Lymington headquarters, the 24 tonne heavy duty Ajax AJHB 130/1 has cross travels of 1,600 mm, longitudinal movements of 1,500 mm and a vertical travel of 1,400 mm.  The powered rotary table is 1,600 mm by 1,400 mm and the 130 mm diameter 15 kW, BT50 spindle has 24 pre- speeds between 4 and 800 revs/min.

As part of the specification a facing head, tailstock and powered drawbar is included as well as a DRO system.


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