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Ajax Starts a Turning Evolution

Ajax Starts a Turning Evolution

Added to MTDCNC by Ajax on 06 January 2015

The EVOLUTION 3 turning centres that are now available from Ajax can be used as a manual lathe by using electronic hand wheels or it can be programmed via its control system.

For manual turning, the simplicity of the Ajax EVOLUTION 3 allows it to utilise the control unit as a simple DRO measuring system. For one-offs and small batch production the EVOLUTION can be programmed, using the flexible electronic turning cycles. This makes it quick and convenient whereby staff do not have to be CNC trained to use the electronic cycles. 

The impressive new EVOLUTION line permits the machining of tapers, radii, grooving, multi point profiles and screw-cutting by answering simple questions direct from the Fanuc screen. These electronic cycles can then be linked together to give a complete electronic programme. For complicated shapes and batch production, full ISO programming on the Fanuc 0i Turn Mate control is possible. The AJAX EVOLUTION range of machines, combines all the virtues of conventional turning, electronic cycle turning and full CNC turning all in ONE machine.

The EVOLUTION Range is available with six model variants. These models provide a centre height that ranges from 180 to 500mm with a swing over bed that includes 360, 450, 570, 620, 805 and 1010mm. The smallest model, the AJEV180 has a distance between the centres of 750/1000mm for machining small to medium parts whilst the largest machine, the AJEV500 is available with bed lengths of 2, 3, 4 and 5m. To support such long parts, the EVOLUTION line has a main spindle bore from 42 to 230mm depending upon the model selected. Like the dimensions of the EVOLUTION Line, the spindle motor is equally as impressive with a 7.5kW motor for the smallest machine and a powerful 22kW motor for the largest machine in the line. The axis and spindle drives are all Fanuc to give reliability and longevity of service

The AJAX EVOLUTION 3 machines include fully enclosed guarding, meeting CE regulations, automatic 4 way indexing toolpost, automatic speed range change and new Fanuc touch screen control and monitor on sliding pendant. Machine programmes can be up and downloaded through the RS232 port or saved directly to the PMCIA card.




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