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Almac CU 2007 and CU 3007 high-performance machining centres
Almac CU 2007 and CU 3007 high-performance machining centres
Almac CU 2007 and CU 3007 high-performance machining centres

Almac CU 2007 and CU 3007 high-performance machining centres

Added to MTDCNC by Tornos Technologies UK Ltd on 03 June 2014

When Tornos recently unveiled the Almac CU2007 machining centre, the machine launch marked the manufacturer's entry into a new marketplace. The entry into the marketplace was the first bold step towards larger machines and prior to this, the Almac machining centres had been restricted in terms of their size.

'There are machines comparable to the CU2007 and CU3007, but no manufacturer offers the services we are offering in tandem with these machines. As we are able to adapt our CU 2007 and CU 3007 machines to the customers exact requirements, based on the specific features of the parts to be created,' comments Philippe Dévanthéry, Director of Almac SA.

Standard machine adapted to requirements

The CU2007 and CU3007 available from Tornos boast a simple, robust cast iron structure. While the CU 2007 has X, Y and Z strokes of 500/400/470mm, its big brother is supplemented with an X-stroke of 700mm. The machine bases and the column are generously sized to ensure the machine offers a high level of stability, repeatability and precision. To further reinforce this precision, the column has just one vertical axis (Z axis). The work table can withstand an increased load (250kg) and support the two X and Y numerical axes. The machines can be equipped with HSK-E40 tool holders, with 24 or 40-position magazines. Tool changeover only takes 0.8 seconds, giving a chip-to-chip time of less than 3 seconds. The CU2007 is able to house tools with a maximum diameter of 80mm and length of 200mm, weighing up to 3kg.

Drive system

To support the performance of the machine, it is equipped with direct drive motors and linear guides ensure quick, accurate positioning, thereby allowing an increased machining load. The result is movement speeds of up to 60m/min and acceleration exceeding 1G. To enhance and reduce maintenance operations the mechanical drive system incorporate a central lubrication circuit.

The standard spindle has a direct drive to eliminate problems linked to vibration and play that can be found in alternative drive configurations. This drive is provided with lifelong lubrication and is temperature stabilised to ensure the greatest Z-axis precision. Able to quickly reach 20,000rpm, it boasts a generous torque of 11.8Nm and power of 2.2/3.7kW (S1/S3). Thanks to the expertise of Almac, it is possible to select an even more high-performance spindle on request with a 40,000rpm spindle as an option on the CU2007 and CU3007.

The machines have been designed with the operator in mind, which means the work zone is ergonomic and easily accessible. The walls are all gently inclined to ensure perfect evacuation of the swarf. When there are large amounts of swarf to be removed, a washing system facilitates swarf management and ensures trouble-free machining. As an option, a chip conveyor is available for large volumes, and for fine swarf a paper belt filter with automatic belt feed is also available as an option.

Infinite customisation

Almac's strength is to be able to equip a standard machine using its full range of expertise, meaning that the customisation options for CU2007 and CU3007 machines are therefore infinite. In addition to special spindles, it is of course possible to add a 4th rotating axis via a table with counter spindle, or 4th and 5th rotating axes, positioned or simultaneous.


The machining performance of the CU2007 and CU3007 means these machines are perfect for smaller complex and semi complex components normally found in sectors such as Aerospace, Medical and Micro-mechanics. To meet the needs of this market, the addition of an automation module is essential and the company has developed a low-cost solution for machining these runs of parts.

Flexibility at your service

The flexibility of the CU2007 and the CU3007 knows no limits, thanks to Almac's application team which, by consulting with customers, is able to adapt these standard machines to the most demanding applications.

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