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Added to MTDCNC by Starrag UK Limited on 05 April 2016

Part of the Starrag portfolio of world-leading brands, Berthiez vertical cylindrical grinders excel in all high-precision grinding applications and especially those involving titanium and nickel-based alloys.  Indeed, in line with the Starrag Group’s philosophy of ‘Engineering precisely what you value’, the machines generate measurable benefits in production.

Importantly, machines in the range can be equipped with up to four water-cooled grinding spindles rated at up to 45 kW/18,000 revs/min each (depending on spindle and wheel type) to allow complete  machining in a  single set-up. This is enabled by the use of grinding wheel changers and in-cycle workpiece measurement - and leads to productivity increases of up to 20 per cent!

Automatic swivelling of the spindle head (in high-accuracy 1degree increments) is achieved via a variable speed AC motor, backlash-free kinematic chain drive and Hirth coupling.

Grinding precision is ensured by the use of hydrostatic bearings as well as high axis concentricity (axial and radial runout of the table is <1.5 microns) coupled with solid, cast iron construction principles and powerful table drives via torque motors.  The result is higher production consistency and reduced scrap.

The Berthiez RVU range covers swing and grinding diameters of 800 mm and 600 mm, respectively, and up to 6,200 mm and 6,000 mm, and standard table diameters are 600 mm to 6,000 mm. Workpiece height under the grinding wheel is from 500 mm to 800 mm. Workpiece weights up to 12.000 kgs can be handled.

The machines’ headstocks boast a feed force of 10 kN and electro-spindles of 4,000 revs/min to 18,000 revs/min are available. Grinding wheel thicknesses from 50 mm, 100 mm to 200 mm can be accommodated.

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