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Higher productivity with latest Biglia multi-turret bar turner

Higher productivity with latest Biglia multi-turret bar turner

Added to MTDCNC by ETG on 21 November 2012

The latest Biglia B465 Y2 multi-turret bar turning centre now operational in Hardinge UK’s Leicester demonstration centre features a number of innovative productivity features as well as being the first to be delivered in the new Biglia twin tone machine livery.

The B465 Y2 is unique in that it features a twin turret, twin spindle, two Y-axes configuration permitting high productivity machining on both the main and sub spindles with the capability to machine highly complex turned parts with productivity improvements of up to 50%.

The twin turrets apart there are a number of features that also significantly contribute to the machines all round high performance and multi-purpose capabilities.

First, the larger spindle bore option.  As standard the main drive on the B465 is supplied with a Big Bore capacity, giving Ø65mm through spindle bar capacity as opposed to the industry standard 45mm. This can be further upgraded* to 71mm by specifying a (cost option) spindle with this larger capacity.  Importantly, even with this option, there is no loss of cutting speed which is maintained at a productive 4,000rpm. 

Parts removal is also an important feature of the machine.  The B465 has a fully programmable parts catcher with the ability to unload from both the main and sub spindles in cycle.   It also offers the ability of 180Ëš rotation of the catcher allowing for the remnant to be collected from the main spindle and loaded onto the conveyor which cycles in reverse to dispose of the remnant.  Finished parts are simultaneously loaded into a separate hopper ensuring no down time in machining operations.  The parts catcher allows the unloading of workpieces up to 250mm in length with a handling kit available to extend this to 1 metre if necessary.

The sub spindle has a programmable linear axis allowing it move 115mm off centre from its opposing spindle giving a larger working envelope that will be invaluable when drilling on both main and sub spindles without collision or interference.

The sub spindle also has the ability to act as a centre support without the need of manual intervention. For example, shaft machining can be supported with the centre and then transferred to sub spindle for any secondary operations.  This also permits super imposed machining with the lower and upper turret both working on the main spindle while the sub spindle will follow the rear side of the lower turret for simple operations such as drilling/tapping etc.

Finally the Tang driven live tool option. 

The upper and lower turrets on the main and sub-spindle are horizontal-axis turrets featuring 12 stations at high speed (0.15 sec for one station) operated by Fanuc motors and CNC controlled.
Driven tools are available on all positions of each turret (only the working tool rotates) with left and right rigid tapping a standard feature.  The live tool is driven by a tang unit to a maximum of 4000rpm; the tang being a robust and rigid turret allowing machining of tough materials.  Left and right rigid tapping is also a feature.

This latest generation Biglia machining centre is fully operational in the Hardinge showroom are features for the first time a subtle two tone livery. 

Potential purchasers wishing to put the machine ‘though its paces’ are invited to submit work piece drawings to Hardinge for assessment and a live demonstration.

Contact Hardinge sales at sales@hardinge.co.uk or call 0116 286990.

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