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BRAY is the New Branding Call from Asquith Butler

BRAY is the New Branding Call from Asquith Butler

Added to MTDCNC by Asquith Butler Ltd on 25 October 2016

The SAHOS brand of high specification 3 and 5-axis CNC machining centres available from Asquith Butler has now been rebranded. The extremely popular SAHOS brand will now be known as BRAY.

The re-branding is the result of Czech machine tool manufacturer SAHOS being brought under the umbrella of BRAY (Blue Ray), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tool Trade S.R.O, a high-tech group of companies. The re-branding is part of an alignment strategy to develop and maximise market penetration in the composite, pattern making, aerospace, light alloy machining sectors. The synergy will also develop opportunities for the company's fibre laser cutting machines.

The re-branding presents an exciting opportunity for Asquith Butler, as the company will now offer the new BRAM products from BRAY plus a host of cosmetic and design improvements to the existing line of CNC machining centres. The BRAM line of machines are aimed at the high-end mould & die, pattern making, aluminium and light alloy aerospace sectors; providing the perfect complement to the BRAY brand of flexible and highly productive machine tools.

Commenting upon the re-branding and business alignment, Asquith Butler Managing Director Mr Paul Hinchliffe says: "The rebranding offers some exciting new models and some smart new configuration for the already popular machines. We have had some spectacular initial success with the SAHOS machines here in the UK and we are beginning to see a good machine population develop. The new BRAY machine specifications and layouts will allow Asquith Butler to further develop the market with a specification and price to suit all end users. We can only see the popularity and population of BRAY machines growing further."

The SAHOS product line and now the new BRAY brand have been designed and developed to provide uncompromising levels of flexibility, innovation and productivity. With the re-branding, Asquith Butler is delighted to be extending the level of innovation and technology with product enhancements and a completely new line of machines. For further details on how to maximise your machining capabilities please contact Asquith Butler for more information.

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