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New website for ROMI..

New website for ROMI..

Added to MTDCNC by Romi Machines (UK) Ltd on 26 November 2014

Now live to the ether with a number of new features is the impressive new website from ROMI Machines UK. The clean, information rich website is easy to manoeuvre and has a wealth of information on all the latest news and products from ROMI Machines.

For anyone looking to purchase a new machine tool, the user friendly ROMI website www.romi-uk.com has a rotating panel to highlight all the company's stock machines that are ready for delivery. For anyone that is unfamiliar to this impressive machine tool brand, each machine whether it's from the machine tool or injection moulding product line carries an impressive on-line technical breakdown.
The website is intuitively developed, so users can rapidly find the machine type they are searching for. It even groups the machine types, so technical features and similarities are easily identified throughout the comprehensive line of machines that can also be found with the varying dimensional differences of each product line.

The new website also offers social media links via LinkedIn, so end users can be kept up to speed with product innovations and company developments. For those of us that are always interested in the history of a company and its background, the new ROMI website also caters for the more nostalgic web browser. The new web platform chronologically highlights the company's rich history and background that dates back to its inception in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1930. Rightly proud of its established and reputable history, ROMI guides us through its 84 year history with short nuggets of information that are well supported with a selection of images.

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