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Baseline range brings Chiron performance at an attractive price
Baseline range brings Chiron performance at an attractive price
Baseline range brings Chiron performance at an attractive price

Baseline range brings Chiron performance at an attractive price

The Engineering Technology Group has introduced a new range of Chiron machines to the UK that bring the performance benefits of high-end German machines within the budget of the subcontracting sector.

The new Baseline range includes three vertical machining centres with fixed specifications and a limited number of options to offer the productivity and build-quality of a Chiron machine, but at a lower cost.

And whereas Chiron machines are often integrated as part of a turnkey system, the Baseline range configuration makes them ideally suited to be used as general-purpose, stand-alone machines.
The Baseline range models are standard Chiron machines, produced at its factory in Germany using the same designs and components as its full-price products.

The lower cost is simply a result of offering a reduced range of machines and options. This also allows the machines to be offered on short lead times.

The Baseline range includes two full five-axis machining centres and a 3-axis machine with an integrated workpiece pallet changer.

The smallest of the Baseline machines, the FZ 12 FX Baseline, is a five-axis vertical machining centre with a machining envelope of 550mm in X,  400mm in Y and 360mm in Z. Rapid axis travels are 75m/min.

The FZ 12 FX Baseline has a HSK-A50, 40kW, 15,000 rpm spindle offering 45Nm of torque combined with a 48-tool automatic tool changer.

The largest of the machines is the Mill 800 FX, again a full five-axis machine, with an 800mm X-axis, 630mm Y-axis and 550mm Z-axis.

This has a powerful 22.5kW SK40/HSK-A63 spindle offering 140Nm of torque and 12,000 rpm, with a 40-station automatic tool changer.

The third baseline machine, the FZ 15 W, is a three-axis machine – with an option to integrate a rotary fourth axis. The machine comes fully equipped with a twin workpiece pallet changer. This allows components to be loaded and unloaded in parallel within the machining cycle.
The FZ 15 W has a 550mm X-axis, 400mm Y-axis, and 425mm Z-axis with rapid traverses of 40m/min. It has an SK40/HSK-A63 spindle offering 90Nm of torque from a 14kW drive and a 20-station basket tool changer.

All the machines in the Baseline range are available with Siemens 840D and the FX machines have an option for a Heidenhain iTNC 530 control.

Graeme Thomas, the Engineering Technology Group’s technical director for high-end machining centres, said: 'Chiron machines are renowned for their ability to deliver 24/7 productivity on medium to high volume manufacturing in sectors such as the automotive and aerospace industries.
“By offering these machines at a lower price we can bring the productivity and reliability benefits of a Chiron machine within the budget of a subcontractor.'

He also pointed out that the high residual values of these machines allow the Engineering Technology Group to offer attractive finance packages over longer terms than normal through its finance company ETG Finance Solutions.

Published on MTD CNC by ETG on 30 July 2014

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