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Citizen Sliding head Lathes delivered and Installed for under 60K

Citizen Sliding head Lathes delivered and Installed for under 60K

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 14 February 2013

Citizen Machinery has responded to customer demand for a low-cost, fast cycling, entry level CNC sliding head turn-mill centre with a planned world launch of the fourth generation of the highly successful Citizen B-Series that will be delivered and installed for under £60,000 complete with bar feed and two-year warranty.

The new B-Series designated B12E for the 12 mm capacity and B16E 16 mm bar size (E for Evolution) follows in the highly successful tracks of the original B-Series, one of the most popular machines in the Citizen range launched in 1996 and achieving subsequent world sales that exceeded 6,000 machines.  In the UK there are still several hundred recorded installations with many providing sterling service and as an entry machine to Citizen’s advanced machining technology, productivity gains fuelled many companies in the subcontract machining sector to progressively upgrade to other machines across the Citizen range.

The new B-Series machine will hold 16 tools and retains the same original configuration of turning tools that are mounted radially around the main spindle housing in the form of a yoke.  This minimises lost time in positioning and ensures high levels of repeatability and accuracy using virtual axes at 45 deg.  However, extensive development for the fourth generation sees the B12E/16E Type VI having increased rigidity for the main and sub-spindle and improved thermal displacement to enhance accuracy over extended and continuous machining cycles as well as increased motor power.  

The B-Series will accommodate five turning tools, three driven tools for cross-drilling on the gang toolpost and four tool positions for front drilling and a further four for back drilling.  The main spindle is 3.7 kW for both capacity versions with the maximum speed of the 12 mm spindle at 12,000 revs/min and 10,000 revs/min on the 16 mm spindle type.  The sub-spindle is 1 kW, 6,000 revs/min on both machines with the driven tools powered by 0.5 kW, 4,500 revs/min motor.  

The coolant tank is enlarged against the original B-Series holding 117 litres and the chip receiver box can be easily withdrawn for efficient cleaning.  Included in the new control software are a series of canned cycles, constant surface speed, customer macro, hobbing and polygon turning and drawing dimension direct input.  Within the options is a long workpiece unit as well as tool life management and a sub-micron command.

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