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Complete processing in one machining operation  Now also available in XXL.

Complete processing in one machining operation Now also available in XXL.

Added to MTDCNC by Kyal Machine Tools Limted on 22 April 2016

Large turning-drilling-milling centres for the complete processing of complex and high-precision workpieces has been a speciality of WFL for three decades now. A logical advancement of this was therefore to expand the range of workpieces that can be machined. With the new M200 MILLTURN, workpiece dimensions have now taken on gigantic proportions! A world premiere celebrates the launch of WFL's latest flagship from 6 to 10 June at the company's site in Linz.

This completely new machine is ideally suited for both heavy machining and high-precision finishing. With this in mind, the machine is constructed in a variety of turning lengths and centre distances, enabling it to process workpieces up to 2 metres in diameter, up to 14 metres in length and up to 60 tonnes in weight. The slogan "Size does matter" is actually a highly suitable way to illustrate the scope of applications that the machine can be used for in the future: large landing gear, massive crankshafts, turbine and generator shafts, large valve blocks and shafts and rollers used in heavy industry. From a technological perspective, the list of potential applications is endless.

With a peak value of 80 kW and 1,800Nm(S1), the milling head even offers a highly-efficient solution for the processing of workpieces that are difficult to machine. With a power rating of up to 160 kW and a torque of 80,000 Nm, the main drive is sufficiently dimensioned to process even the heaviest turning projects that incorporate large cutting depths. 

Thanks to the construction of the machine, which incorporates vibration-absorbent cast components that offer optimum rigidity, even the heaviest cuts that are required during machining are carried out vibration-free. The HSK-A125 tool interface that is provided as standard, in addition to the optional Capto C10, also guarantees full utilisation of the potential offered by this device and by its turning power. High-performance drives maximize the feed strength and ensure a speed of processing that is unrivalled in a machine of these dimensions. The B-axis enables the workpiece to be machined at any angle and, if needed, using 5-axis interpolation.

The various types of processing that the machine offers are therefore unlimited. Alongside heavy drilling and deep-drilling operations, the types of processing available for the internal machining of workpieces knows no limits. When it comes to producing special, one-off solutions, WFL is the right partner, as its decades of experience in project-related tool building will certainly provide you with the type of machining you require.

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