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A great Y axis lathe package from XYZ machine tools
A great Y axis lathe package from XYZ machine tools
A great Y axis lathe package from XYZ machine tools

A great Y axis lathe package from XYZ machine tools

Added to MTDCNC by XYZ Machine Tools on 15 November 2015

The MTD team recently went on location to one of the UK's largest sellers of machine tools, XYZ in Burlescombe. Whilst there, we took a closer look at the CT52 LTY turning centre and received an overview from XYZ's Sales Manager, Mr  Martin Burton.

Martin tells MTD: 'In summary, the LTY stands for live tooling with a Y-axis. This is an orthogonal Y-axis that solely moves in an up and down motion with 70mm of movement. This increases rigidity and improves precision in all Y-axis travel movements. Attached to this, is the VDI tooling turret with 12 stations that can all be driven tools. The machine also has a part catching facility that moves under the chuck, collects the part and moves it to a conveyor.'

For manual machinists operating more simplistic machines, Mr Burton explains the Y-axis as: 'The Y-axis enables the user to mill flats, drill holes, tap and even engrave on the side of the part. This gives the customer greater ability to machine complex parts as well as the potential for completing parts in a single operation.'

'The machine also has a programmable tailstock body and tailstock quill. This is because we wanted to fully automate the machine. The machines are available as chucking lathes or if the optional extra bar feed unit is fitted the machine utilization can be increased and allow for unmanned production. The 52 in the machine name denotes the through bar capacity of 52mm. The CT52 LTY is supplied with the Siemens 828D ShopTurn conversational CNC control unit. If you were to buy one of these machines from our stock, it would be provided with the parts catcher, tool setting probe, swarf conveyor and bin.' concludes Mr Burton.

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