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Delfin Vacuums from Lubriserv

Delfin Vacuums from Lubriserv

Added to MTDCNC by Lubriserv Limited on 25 June 2014

To improve the performance of a machine tool, the quality of work and to minimise odours and potential health risks, Lubriserv has now launched its new line of Delfin industrial vacuums for cleaning machine tools.

The reliable, robust and silent systems are highly efficient and low maintenance. Manufactured from a solid steel construction, the mobile cleaning units comply to international safety regulations and are provided with a two year warranty. With the cost of oil at a premium, the new Delfin vacuums can clean a machine sump and re-cycle the oil back into the machine tool to extend the life of the coolant. Moreover, the process can be done quickly and efficiently not to disrupt production.

The range of Delfin vacuums include a steel basket that catches any swarf ingress in a basket, so only the coolant falls through the filters and into the vacuum sump tank. With a built-in high pressure outlet pump and gun nozzle, the reclaimed coolant can rapidly be dispensed back into the machine tool for re-use.

The Delfin cleaners can be applied to all types of machine tools and workshop scenarios with the complete machine range offering filtration from 300 down to 6 microns with sump tank sizes varying from  5litres to over 700 litres. Depending upon the model selected, the innovative new line can provide a variety of power outputs, airflow rates, chip basket and liquid recovery  capacities and fluid flow rates.


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