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Distortion free punching of thin sheet new from TRUMPF
Distortion free punching of thin sheet new from TRUMPF

Distortion free punching of thin sheet new from TRUMPF

Added to MTDCNC by TRUMPF on 28 October 2013

Punching multiple holes in thin sheet metal in a single pass and without distortion is now possible thanks to the new integrated flattening concept from TRUMPF.  This capability, available on both the highly productive TruPunch 5000 and on the high-end TruMatic 7000 punch/laser combination machine, balances the stresses involved to eliminate distortion and, in so doing, shorten production time.

In the standard punching process, the punch pushes material into the hole as it penetrates the sheet.  Initially this causes compression and then tensile stress when the punch is withdrawn.  The process can easily cause distortion if a large number of holes are being punched in thin gauge material.  Frequently the resultant sheet has to be flattened as a separate operation before processing can continue.  

With integrated flattening this secondary operation is no longer necessary.  This capability is particularly important if the flattening task is normally subcontracted or transferred to another machine shop on site.  It eliminates the logistics, cost and time involved.

TRUMPF punching tools are the key components in integrated flattening and comprise a convex die and a stripper with a recess and special coating.  The convex die presses the sheet metal underneath and against the stripper while the concave stripper presses the sheet downwards at the edge of the die to counteract the stress.

In this way, every punched sheet is flat when it leaves the TRUMPF machine and is instantly ready for ongoing processing.

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