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DMG gives ecoTurn 450 a facelift

DMG gives ecoTurn 450 a facelift

Added to MTDCNC by DMG MORI on 06 December 2015

The popular EcoTurn 450 machine from DMG Mori has now been upgraded with  host of new features and a change to its aesthetic appearance. For those MTD subscribers that don't know the existing EcoTurn 450 machine, its a turning centre with a maximum cutting diameter of 400mm.

Beyond this, the machine has an 80mm diameter bar capacity and 480mm swing over the cross slide and a Z-axis of over 600mm. It has 30m/min rapid feeds and when combined with the 80mm bar capacity and small footprint, the EcoTurn is an excellent addition to any machine shop.

The EcoTurn is available as a standard 2-axis lathe or with driven tool stations and even a Y-axis that has 60mm traverse, if required. The EcoTurn 450 is an extremely robust machine and it has guideways that are 45mm wide to reduce vibration and improve the dampening when machining difficult materials.  

So What's New?

Firstly, the enhanced EcoTurn 450 has a belt driven spindle that fits inside the machine whereas the previous model had the spindle housed in a separate casing at the rear of the machine. This compacts the machine and reduces the footprint. 

With regard to the control the new model has a Siemens 840 that has USB ports, a QWERTY keyboard and all the controls that would appear on a Siemens system as standard. The control has the ShopTurn feature for user friendly compatible programming and for customers attuned to the Fanuc configuration, a Fanuc MAPS control is also available upon request.  For further details on what has been added to the latest generation EcoTurn line, get in touch with DMG Mori or find out more on the MTD website..

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