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Doosan sliding head sub-spindle lathes launched September 2013
Doosan sliding head sub-spindle lathes launched September 2013
Doosan sliding head sub-spindle lathes launched September 2013

Doosan sliding head sub-spindle lathes launched September 2013

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 17 June 2013

Mills CNC is set to launch a new range of Doosan sliding head sub-spindle lathes into the UK and Irish markets from September 2013.

The introduction of the ST20G (20mm bar diameter) and ST32G (32mm bar diameter) lathes represent a major new initiative for Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machines in the UK and Ireland, and one that increases and further improves the company’s already comprehensive and popular CNC lathe and turning centre portfolio.

Says Andrew Jack, Mills CNC’s Technical Director:

'Up until now UK and Irish manufacturers were not able to acquire Doosan sliding head machines.
'After extensive research into our markets to assess likely demand and through discussions with Doosan to identify the most suitable sliding head models from their range...we are now stocking and selling (from September 2013) the high-performance, versatile, reliable and cost-competitive ST20G and ST32G machines.'

Both machine models are highly productive and are equipped with the latest Fanuc 31iB CNC which offers 7-axis capability to handle the machining of small complex, high-precision parts (typically manufactured for the electrical, automotive, aerospace and medical sectors).

The machines’ world-class specification and integration of advanced technology helps manufacturers achieve high workpiece accuracy, and significantly reduce workpiece cycle times.
World-class specification

Doosan sliding head machines are powerful and fast, and offer a comprehensive range of standard and optional features.

The ST20G is equipped with a 2.2/3.7kW 10,000rpm main spindle, and the larger ST32G lathe, with a 5.5/7.5kW 8,000rpm main spindle. Both are built in type motors which are oil cooled.

Both machines feature equally impressive sub-spindle capability (1.5/2.2kW 8,000rpm and 2.2/3.7kW 8,000rpm respectively), and the machines’ rapid rates (on all axes) is 32m/min.

The machines are versatile and feature a flexible tooling configuration designed to optimise cycle times and handle the most complex workpieces. In addition, interference between adjacent tools has been minimised to reduce the need for removing tools at setup changeover.

On both machines the standard tooling specification/configuration is -: 6 static turning tools; 4  static front tools; 5 cross milling (rotary) tools including milling holders (4 tools on the ST32G); 2 static and 2 milling holders on the back tool post; and 2 static sleeves for deep hole drilling.

Special toolholders are available for functions such as Thread Whirling, Adjustable angled milling, Polygon Turning and Slitting saw applications.

The machines have servo-driven synchronized guide bushes as standard, with Doosan’s own 'Magic Guide Bush' as an option to handle non-ground bar.

In addition, all machines brought into the UK will have preparation for 160 bar cutting oil supply.

The latest Fanuc 31iB CNC includes many special features to assist the operator, such as Auto Collet Adjustment, Auto Cut Off Cycle, Tool Setup Self Check and Tool Life Management.

The new Doosan sliding head lathes will be available to customers from September 2013 and, in addition to the machines themselves, Mills will also offer as part of the total package, auxiliary equipment/technology including bar-feeders, swarf conveyors, high-pressure coolant systems, mist extraction units, fire suppression, tool monitoring etc.

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