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Doosan SMX 3100 mill-turn machines now in-stock

Doosan SMX 3100 mill-turn machines now in-stock

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 13 August 2014

New high-performance, award-winning Doosan SMX 3100 mill-turn machines now in-stock and available for immediate delivery from Mills CNC.

Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland, has announced that its next generation of multi-tasking mill-turn centres - the SMX 3100 and the SMX 3100S – are now being held in-stock at the Mills CNC Technology Campus.

The new SMX 3100 range, first shown at MACH 2014 on Mills’ stand, represent a real step-change in technology, ergonomic design and performance over the company’s previous MX-series of mill-turn machines.

Currently there are two different SMX 3100 models being stocked by Mills – both feature a 12/15 inch chuck/102mm bar diameter capacity, and have a maximum turning diameter of 660mm and turning length of 1500mm.

SMX 3100 and 3100S machines are also equipped with a 26/30kW 4,000 main spindle, a swing arm 40 tool position front-mounted ATC (80 position option), a 30kW 12,000rpm Capto C6 milling spindle, and have an integrated  B-axis (240 degrees), C-axis (0.0001degrees), and Y-axis (+/- 150mm).

The SMX 3000 is supplied with a programmable tailstock (1562mm quill travel) and is prepared and configured to accept a SLU5 servo-driven steady rest.

The SMX 3100S is the sub-spindle model and is equipped with a second (RH) 26kW 4000rpm spindle capable of synchronised machining.

High-productivity through multi-tasking functionality

SMX 3100 machines enable manufacturers to machine high-precision, complex parts in reduced set-ups.

The machine’s rigid design and build combined with its high-speed/high-torque spindle capability enables the SMX 3100 to perform a comprehensive range of roughing and finishing operations (turning, end-milling, face-milling, tapping drilling etc.), reliably and with high precision.

The machine also features an extended Y-axis stroke using an orthogonal design which provides an increased machining area and turning diameter to handle/machine large work-pieces.

Improved part accuracies and repeatability’s

The SMX 3100 is a high-precision machine equipped with an integrated spindle and ball screw core cooling system that minimises thermal distortion and helps improve high accuracy positioning.

Thermal displacement is also controlled by the machines’ integrated thermal compensation system.

The system measures temperature variations continuously (in real time during machining) via 6 sensors and uses an on-board thermal compensation algorithm in the machines’ CNC control to make the required adjustments to offset the impact of thermal growth and distortion.

The machine also feature SP-class roller type LM guides for high positioning accuracy and which help manufacturers to perform heavy-duty machining operations employing high axis feed rates.

Ergonomically sound

The SMX 3100 was the winner of the 2014 international Red Dot Award for Product Design.

Careful consideration (at the machine design stage) of the operator’s working environment and analysis of his/her activities e.g. work-piece loading/unloading, job set-up, monitoring, maintenance etc., has resulted in a aesthetically and ergonomically superior machine.

The user-friendly lay-out of the control panel and improved accessibility of the machine’s front-mounted ATC makes job and tool set-up easy and straightforward.

Says Mills’ technical director, Tony Dale:

'The SMX 3100 pulled in the crowds at MACH.

'The machine is a real high performer capable of machining a wide variety of parts in one hit.

'Everything about the SMX 3100 exudes quality, accuracy and productivity – and I’m confident that the machine, backed by Mills’ first-class applications and technical support services, will prove popular with precision manufacturers everywhere.'

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