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Mills CNC launches new range of Doosan Y-axis Lynx CNC lathes into the market

Mills CNC launches new range of Doosan Y-axis Lynx CNC lathes into the market

Added to MTDCNC by Mills CNC Ltd on 08 November 2013

Mills CNC, the exclusive distributor of Doosan machine tools in the UK and Ireland, has introduced a new range of 6' and 8' chuck Lynx CNC lathes with integrated Y-axis capability into the market.

The range comprises two single-spindle models – the 6' chuck/51mm bar capacity Lynx 220LYA and the 8' chuck/65mm bar capacity Lynx 220LYC, and two sub-spindle models – the 6'chuck/51mm bar capacity Lynx 220LSYA and the 8' chuck/65mm bar capacity Lynx LSYC.

These new Lynx lathes are equipped with highly rigid roller guideway construction for optimum machining performance. They have a compact footprint with a 300mm maximum turning diameter and a 510mm maximum turning length capacity.

The Y-axis Lynx Series is equipped with either a 15kW/4500rpm or 15kW/6000rpm spindle, and the sub-spindle version with a 5.5kW/6000rpm sub-spindle. All spindles have full C axis control.

All four models have an integrated +/- 52.5mm Y-axis, which is a new feature on Lynx lathes and is bound to appeal to manufacturers looking to increase their productivity and reduce costs by being able to perform multiple machining operations on one machine and produce completed high-precision, complex parts in fewer set-ups.

Machining flexibility is at the heart of the new Lynx range and in addition to their Y-axis, the machines are also equipped a 12-station servo-driven turret (24-position indexing), and driven tooling for mill/drill machining operations with 3.7kW/6000rpm capability.

The single spindle version machine has a fully programmable tow-along tailstock for maximum flexibility. All models are supplied as standard with an automatic tool setter and parts catcher.

The parts catcher design on the sub-spindle version handles parts from either the main or sub-spindle, and can be used to separate bar ends from finished parts.

Says Mills CNC’s Technical Director, Andrew Jack:

'Our Lynx series of lathes are incredibly popular, and this latest extension to the range is good news for customers.

'Our existing Y-axis Puma lathes have, for some considerable time, been the automatic choice for manufacturers machining larger work-pieces. The new Lynx Y-axis machines now provide the same level of machine performance and reliability for customers machining smaller, complex, high-precision parts.'

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