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DTS introduces heavy duty VTL with Honor
DTS introduces heavy duty VTL with Honor

DTS introduces heavy duty VTL with Honor

Added to MTDCNC by DTS (UK) Ltd on 07 December 2015

The latest Honor Seiki machine from DTS to hit the UK is the VL160 vertical lathe. MTD spoke to Joseph Chen at the recent EMO show to find out a little more.

Joseph told our roving reporter Paul Jones: 'Here we have some examples of how our products have actually benefitted customers in industry. In the first instance, our Honor machine cut the cycle time from 6 hours to 2. This was largely through the ability to take the number of processes from 6 to 2. Another pipe flange part  went from 180 minutes to 60 minutes. This was done by moving from manual indexing on horizontal machines to our vertical machine with auto-indexing.'

These impressive benefits from the Honor VTL are derived from the head of the machine that has a BT50 configuration that is claimed to be 5 times more rigid than the standard BT50 tooling set-up.  Mr Chen continues: 'The weakest point of the machine is often the angle head system. So, our patented system is far stronger and permits milling and the processing of key-ways.'

Built around this robust head is a heavy duty machine that has a maximum swing and turning diameter of 2m with a maximum turning height of 1200mm. These large parts can fit easily on the 1.6m diameter table that rotates at a speed from 3-250rpm. The robust platform offers X axis travel of -200 to +1150mm whereas the Z-axis travel is 900mm, giving sufficient space for the machining of anything from medium to large components. For further details on the impressive Honor line-up of machine tools, please contact Design & Technical Services (DTS) in Chorley. 

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