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DTS (UK) Ltd has a fantastic start to 2013 with an 800K Anayak order

DTS (UK) Ltd has a fantastic start to 2013 with an 800K Anayak order

Added to MTDCNC by DTS (UK) Ltd on 01 February 2013

Chorley, Lancs based DTS (UK) Ltd, has had a fantastic start to 2013.  They have opened up the new business year of 2013 by completing a £800k sale of an Anayak HVM 80 PC - XYZ machine that features movements of 8000x1500x3200mm.  Other features of the machine include: A Fibro Rotary Table 2000x2000mm, 2 floor plates  3000mmx2000mm, a UGA 4000rpm Auto milling head with 28KW spindle head motor, RMP-60 Renishaw probing, a Swarf conveyor and through spindle coolant. 

DTS (UK) Ltd was founded in 2005 by Gary Sanderson and Andrew Bailey and 7 years later, after relocating to larger premises in the prestigious Matrix Park site in Chorley, the company has now grown significantly whilst consolidating its position in the market.  This statement is borne out by the fact that in 2012, they’d grown the business to the point where they’d sold 25 x machines in 2012, valued at £8.2 million in sales revenue.  This growth in operations has seen the introduction of both new service engineers and a new salesman. 
Despite the fact that industry in general has been rattled by the fallout from the financial crisis over the last few years, the machine tool industry has seen a real boom over the last couple of years.  And, as the above turnover numbers amply demonstrate, DTS (UK) Ltd has managed to grow its business even in this difficult financial and trading climate. 
Apart from the personal skills of Gary Sanderson and Andrew Bailey, a part of the DTS (UK) Ltd success story can undoubtedly be traced to the fact that, from the outset, they opted to associate themselves only with high-quality companies, thereby giving them an unrivalled portfolio of machine tool products to represent and sell.  
DTS (UK) Ltd were already the sole agent for Correa Anayak machine tools in the UK and Southern Ireland representing Nicolás Correa S.A. the main European manufacturer of Correa and Anayak milling machines, with the most complete catalogue in the market.  And along with the Correa and Anayak machine tools, DTS (UK) Ltd recently added the popular range of Johnford machining centres.  
The addition of Johnford machines complemented the DTS (UK) Ltd portfolio and meant that whether the requirement was for basic turning, 5 axis machining or simple 3 axis milling, DTS (UK) Ltd can sell, supply and service.
As one of DTS (UK) Ltd satisfied Johnford clients said, 'we could have spent a lot more .... however, we questioned ourselves ... and the answers to those questions confirmed that the Johnford machines would give us everything that we needed ... confidence in the product has been justified and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.'
Gary Sanderson, DTS (UK) Ltd Sales Director; is pleased to report that they’ve sold a further twenty-nine Johnford machines to customers across the UK - working in a wide variety of applications.  Gary says, 'when we were appointed the agent for Johnford in the UK we knew that the machines were well built to an extremely high standard and it has been reassuring that companies ... recognised that fact and are taking advantage of the exceptional value for money and performance that the Johnford machines provide.'
And as if all that wasn’t enough to kick-start them into 2013, at the end of January 2013 as part of their annual further improvement plan, DTS (UK) Ltd are to relaunch their company website with a modern dynamic Content Management System (CMS) that will be consistent both with current web standards and trends and contain the distinctive features that make a modern website look fresh, appealing and easy to use.
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