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MTD check out the Dugard 42iTTU turning centre
MTD check out the Dugard 42iTTU turning centre
MTD check out the Dugard 42iTTU turning centre
MTD check out the Dugard 42iTTU turning centre

MTD check out the Dugard 42iTTU turning centre

Added to MTDCNC by Dugard on 12 August 2014

When the MTD team recently reviewed the new Dugard 42iTTU CNC turning centre, we were thoroughly impressed with what we found. In an extremely competitive marketplace for 42mm bar capacity turning centres, the new Dugard stands out as a remarkably flexible, productive and robust turning centre that excels beyond anything in its class.

If a sliding head lathe just doesn't fulfil your workpiece scope (in terms of dia size) and a twin turret machine is just too big, then this Dugard 42iTTU is a perfect compromise.

The 42iTTU has been designed with 10 axes and 2 spindles. The new offering includes a sub spindle with both X and Z positioning as well as driven tools and the option of a powerful B-axis for simultaneous and efficient machining. This set-up delivers faster and more flexible production for complicated part production. The milling head comprises of 12 motorised tools for 360° continuous machining for the  efficient production of small and medium batch sizes.

The tooling configuration sees 6 external and four internal turning tools on the main spindle with 12 driven tool stations that all have ER20 capacity. On the sub-spindle, the 42iTTU has a gang type tooling configuration with 4 external and 4 internal turning tool positions as well as an additional 12 driven tool stations.

The 42mm diameter capacity machine has a maximum turning length of 250mm with the option of 44 or 62mm spindle bore. With a 7.5kW spindle motor on the main spindle and a 3.7kW motor on the sub-spindle, the 42iTTU has sufficient power to conduct heavy material removal, which is supported by the machines robust build quality and tooling configuration. Weighing in at 4350kg with a footprint of 3.5 by 1.9 by 1.9m (LXWXH), the customer can rest assure that heavy stock removal and superior surface finishes are guaranteed. The powerful new 42iTTU has an equally powerful Mitsubishi M720 control system with a 64bit processor that provides full colour graphics and the ability to conduct dual channel programming.

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