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Impressive new EcoTurn 310 from DMG MORI
Impressive new EcoTurn 310 from DMG MORI
Impressive new EcoTurn 310 from DMG MORI

Impressive new EcoTurn 310 from DMG MORI

Added to MTDCNC by DMG MORI on 17 March 2015

MTD recently attended the DMG Mori Eco Line event and we were thoroughly impressed with what was on offer. We reviewed the exciting new line of ECO machines and the first machine we took a close look at was the new EcoTurn 310.

Regarded as the smallest machine in the new product line up, the EcoTurn 310 is the smallest of four possible frame sizes. With a 200mm chuck with a 52mm spindle bore as standard with an option for 65mm, the EcoTurn 310 is available as either a 2 or 3 axis platform.

AS DMG Mori's Business Development Manager, Mr Stewart Cousins informed MTD: 'With the first two frame sizes on the EcoTurn 310 and 450, they are only 2 or 3 axis, V1 or V3. Version 3 would have a 12 station turret that are all driven with a full C-axis. With the EcoTurn we are attacking the commodity market with a machine line that has a superior build quality. In the world of DMG Mori, we are synonymous with high end branding, products and overall build quality. The one thing we wouldn't do is compromise our brand image for low-tech machine build quality. S, what you get with the Eco-line is premium build quality with stripped back options that are ideal for exactly what the customer wants. So, the customer never buys anything they are never going to use.'

'The Eco line is slightly stripped back on the speed compared to our premium end machines, but they are still no slouch in the commodity marketplace.'

Incorporating a Siemens 840D control unit at the event, Mr Cousins also informed MTD that the line is available with a Heidenhain option. Both options are high end control units that are also standard on the higher end DMG machine tool products. Commenting upon the finish of the EcoTurn 310, Mr Cousins says: 'The machines are beautifully finished and the guarding has non-scratch surfaces whilst the control unit has a guard wearing membrane that ensures the longevity and looks of the control and the overall machine. The machine doors also incorporate DMG Mori's 'progress line' display unit. So, if you have a batch of 50 parts, you can program in 50 parts and the cycle time and the display on the door can instantly inform the operator or workshop manager of how much time is remaining on the batch at a glance.'

From a technical specification perspective, the EcoTurn 310 has a maximum swing diameter of 330mm, an X and Z-axis traverse of 182.5 and 455mm respectively. The main spindle has a powerful 16.5kW motor that can run a maximum speed of 5000rpm whilst the driven tools have a 4.5kW motor with a maximum rotation speed of 4500rpm, more than adequate for heavy machining of small to medium sized turned parts. The list of options for the EcoTurn 310 are many and at a glance they include 5 bar coolant spray gun, multiple clamping pressure for the main spindle, tool measuring devices, high pressure coolant pump, automatic front door and hydraulic steady rest.

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