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EDM and HSC technology unveiled at EMO
EDM and HSC technology unveiled at EMO
EDM and HSC technology unveiled at EMO

EDM and HSC technology unveiled at EMO

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 18 October 2013

Ross on Wye-based CNC International, the UK’s largest independent supplier of EDM and high speed machining equipment is reporting several new innovative machine tool launches by its principals at the recent EMO exhibition.

Key among these was the arrival of the HSC MP-7 high speed machining centre from exeron GmbH. This machine features linear drive technology on the x, y, and z axes and has been designed for the high accuracy, high performance production of complex parts and mould tools, the machine can also be specified with dust extraction for the manufacture of electrodes. Customers also have an option to specify the HSC MP-7 as a five axis machine, with torque drives being used on the swivel axes to enhance their dynamic performance. The basic specification of the machine includes a tool magazine with capacity of 30 tools as standard with 60 or 90 tool carousels available as an option; axis travels of 730/340/400mm (xyz) and +/- 105 degrees for the b-axis and infinite movement on the c-axis on the five axis version. The distance between the spindle nose and the table is 550mm (450 five axis) and the standard spindle is a 10/13 k, 42 000 revs per min unit. Control, is provided by the latest generation of Heidenhain iTNC 530 HSCI FS control and axis technology, which with the maintenance-free linear drives ensures maximum performance at all times. The HSC MP-7 is a gantry-style machine and the machine will be exhibited for the first time in the UK on CNC International’s stand at MACH 2014.

Accutex is another company within CNC International’s portfolio that launched a new machine at EMO, in this case the AL-560SA wire EDM machine with linear drives. The linear drives have been developed in-house by Accutex to ensure that they are optimised for the EDM manufacturing environment, providing improving cutting performance, rapid servo control to prevent wire breaking, increasing cutting speed and the best mechanical accuracy at arc/corner. The machine is also equipped with Accutex’s ‘Clearance Plus function, which ensures optimum geometric accuracy at corners and arcs.  

The AL-560SA has a maximum workpiece size of 990 x 560 x 265 mm with a maximum weight of 500 kg. Axes strokes are (xy) 560 x 360 mm, uv stroke is 100 x 100 mm and z stroke is 300 mm with a maximum cutting taper of 22.5º. The addition of linear drives and updated control system will provide customers with improved accuracy and cutting performance of the existing standard line of machines from an extremely compact footprint machine.

Another new arrival at EMO was the M25LP oil-type wire EDM machine from Seibu that is redefining accuracy with pitch accuracy of +/- 1 micron the capability to produce super fine surface finishes down to 0.02 µRa using wire as small as 0.05mm diameter. The M25LP is a compact machine, measuring just 1,770×2,040×2,018 mm, with a working envelope of 270×270×100 mm and a maximum workpiece weight of 150 kg. It features Seibu’s AWF-4 automatic wire feed system and control is via the M8A system with its 15 inch colour TFT LCD (touch panel), which can control five axes (four simultaneously), with a minimum input increment of just  0.001/0.0001 mm and a minimum command increment of 0.0001 mm.

'These new machines are indicative of the intensive research and development being undertaken by our international partners. All of them are at the forefront of high speed machining and EDM technology and we are pleased to be able to introduce them to the UK manufacturing base. Examples of all of these machines will be on display at MACH 2014 where we will demonstrating the productivity advantages of these and other machines within our portfolio,' says Richard Whiles, Director, CNC International.

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