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Ellesco opens the door to a World of surface finishing solutions
Ellesco opens the door to a World of surface finishing solutions
Ellesco opens the door to a World of surface finishing solutions
Ellesco opens the door to a World of surface finishing solutions

Ellesco opens the door to a World of surface finishing solutions

Added to MTDCNC by MTDCNC on 02 July 2014

The recent Open House held by deburring and surface finishing specialist Ellesco, proved a huge success with the company winning a number of orders at the event. The Christchurch based supplier of deburring solutions primarily used the event to give manufacturers that showed an interest at MACH, an opportunity to trial their parts on the Timesavers series of machines.

Commenting upon the timing of the event, Ellesco's new Managing Director, Mr Guy Newton comments: 'Whilst we sold  machines from our stand at MACH; this event is giving our prospective customers more time to fully review our solutions and bring their parts with deburring and surface finishing issues to an environment where our experts can discuss suitable solutions. From this exercise, we fully expect to receive five orders with another seven in the pipeline. The diversity of these orders range from simple belt and brush finishing machines through to robotic loading cells for complex component finishing. This is testament to the capability and diversity of our product range and the expertise of our team to deliver such solutions.'

The Ellesco event recieved a number of high profile OEM manufacturers from the aerospace and automotive sectors as well as a number of prestigious subcontract manufacturers from all corners of the UK & Ireland. The reason for attracting such marquee businesses was down to the company showing the new Timesavers 42 Series WRB machine, the Timesavers 42 Series TB Top and Bottom finishing machine and the smaller Timesavers 22 Series WB Wide Belt (600mm) and Brush machine.

The new Timesavers 42 Series WRB machine is a wheel and rotary brush machine that has been developed for the dry working, edge deburring and finishing of flat metal components. With a motorised table height adjustment from 1 to 150mm, this single-pass multiple head machine proved a resounding success by demonstrating its diverse table widths up to 1600mm. The high enquiry level for the 42 Series WRB at the Open House continues the success for the new machine, which follows two sales at MACH.

Complimenting the Timesavers 42WRB at the event was the 42 Series TB for deburring the top and bottom faces of punched, laser cut, waterjet cut and flame cut parts in just one pass. With its pre-grinding head and finishing head, the TB Series can remove heavy burrs from the top face and deburr both top and bottom faces with its slashed abrasives and then finish the surface of the top face of components in a single pass.

For manufacturers requiring a smaller and more compact solution, Ellesco demonstrated the Timesavers 22WB Series at its Open House. This wide belt and brush machine for the deburring and finishing of sheet metal parts offers a vast selection of heads and widths that combine with standard features to deliver a solution for most sheet metal finishing tasks.

Concluding upon the success of the Open House, Mr Newton concludes: 'As well as the three new machines that were running we also had another four static units to demonstrate the diversity of the Timesavers series and the capability to offer a solution, regardless of the deburring and finishing task at hand. The visitors all left with a greater knowledge of what Ellesco can provide as a complete surface finishing solution supplier.'

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